Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Fresh Dreams. Clean Slate. High Hopes. New You.

Blog title courtesy of a Hallmark card; why do they say it so well??

As the first day of the New Year reared it's lovely head, I thought of resolutions. How I never really make them. I sorta say things, but I never really officially transition them into the actual act of resolving. And these days, when I use the word "resolution" it usually has to do with the sharpness of an image on my laptop screen.

That said, I did make a few resolutions. The first and most important one I made to another person, a person who has known me for a long time and whose opinion I value. That one I'll probably keep.

The other one is my standard "lose weight this year" resolution which went fairly well as I ended the day (today) at 1229 calories. Not bad, but let's see if I can keep that up for the next three hundred and sixty four days.

My last one is to be more productive with my time. Since I am like a person who works from home, I need to get my ass out of my "pajamas" so to speak and act like I have shit to do. It's very easy to drive a few hours a day and then spend the rest of the day reading magazines and surfing the net. I have to utilize my time more wisely.

So there you have it. Only three little resolutions. Easy to keep track of and easy to determine the success or failure rate.

Fresh dreams, clean slate, high hopes, new ME.

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Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

This is the first year I'm making "goals" as I call them, having actually written them down somewhere and everything.

Best of luck to both of us :)