Monday, January 07, 2008

When You Get One Like This, Don't Let Him Get Away

While in Arizona for the holidays, I went to visit a girl I used to work with. I knew I liked her when I first met her, but unfortunately wasn’t at the job long enough to really get a chance to get to know her. Since then, we’ve fostered more of a connection by e-mailing and since she also reads my blog regularly, I like her even more!

She has a son who just turned four, and to give you an idea of how long ago it’s been since I’ve been to her house, the last time I saw him was at his first birthday party! The day we had lunch together, he was quite the charmer; even when he politely told me not to talk with food in my mouth!

Later that evening, she had gone out with one of her friends, leaving him at her sister’s house while she was gone. On the way home, after she had picked him up, he kept trying to interrupt their conversation. She was ignoring him and he was getting more upset by the minute. He waited for a pause in the conversation and then told her that he was packing his bags and leaving their house because she wouldn’t talk to him.

She told him she was fine with that and then asked if he needed any help packing. He said no, but informed her that he was calling his dad to come pick him up. She gently reminded him that his father was out of state and he said, “That’s okay.”

“Fine.” she said. “You can leave tonight.”

She said he became very quiet and sat staring out the window. He then asked, “Would it be okay if I left in the morning? “ explaining that it was dark outside and he was scared. She said, “Sure.” and looked at her friend, both of them trying to contain their laughter.

After they got home, he went to bed and slept through the night; apparently he had a change of heart overnight because the next morning he asked his mother if it was alright if he stayed.

Of course she said yes; as would I. Why would you ever let a kid like that get away??