Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Traveling With Your Cat

Eddie is never crude. Ever. It never occurs to him to speak in that manner, even if someone else does it or even if the situation might allow him to get away with it. He just doesn't do it.

So the other night when he came back to the truck, after I sat there wondering what the hell was taking him so long since I thought it was a bathroom run but it actually turned into a tall glass of milk and hot apple pie run, and told me of an interaction he had while sitting at the counter in the truck stop, I was caught off guard with the surprise ending.

He sat down next to another driver, a big black guy, and they started to talk about the nature of their work, their lives, etc. He listened as the guy proceeded to explain to Ed that he had just gone through a divorce, was having trouble with his ex regarding his kids, wasn't getting paid enough, could barely keep up with his bills, hated his dispatcher and all the other stuff Ed has heard a million times from drivers out here on the road.

When the conversation turned back to him and the guy asked about his situation, Ed told him that his girlfriend (me!) traveled with him on the road and that I was actually a driver too. He explained how we do a lot of sightseeing, how he enjoys my company and how it's just not as lonely as being out here on your own.

To that, the guy responded with an all knowing wink, sly smile and slow continuous head nod as if he understood the "not being lonely part" and said, "Ohhhh, I get it, brotha. So you take your pussy with you."

At that moment, the one where you're not sure what to say because you really don't think it's the time or the place to educate someone about appropriate conversation, yet you don't want to look totally un-cool, Ed said, "Yep. That's right."

Then he finished up his pie right quick and hurried on out to the truck to pet me goodnight...


Anonymous said...

That is too funny.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

So long as he doesn't stuff you in a plastic carrier....