Saturday, January 19, 2008

Who Do You Know?

Sometimes I think about who I know and what their professions are; in addition to thinking about how they arrived at that profession, if they're happy in it and if they ever think of doing something else, but that's another post. Sometimes knowing someone in a certain field can help you out in certain ways, whether it's actual help or just an answer to a question. There can also be a bit of bartering if you play your cards right. One hand washes the other and all that.

So I got to thinking of all the people I currently know or have known in my life and who might be called on to come to my aid if needed. This is what I came up with (starting with the most obvious and their connection to me):

My boyfriend is a truck driver; he's moved my stuff cross country once already - in addition to helping other family and friends with their trucking needs.

My brother is a tile contractor; I plan on using him quite a bit for the new house!

My mother is a drug and alcohol abuse counselor; I haven't needed her for those issues, but that doesn't stop her from dispensing "advice".

My father worked at the post office, was a bartender and before he died, owned a hot dog truck; hence, I never bought a stamp growing up, I learned how to make some of the most difficult mixed drinks ever and I had the best place on earth to go for a hot dog whenever I was in the area.

My step-father used to own a restaurant; where I learned soooo many skills that to this day, they still help me.

My sister-in-law, step-sister and cousin's wife are school teachers; elementary level, but they have come in handy many times.

My sister-in-law's father was a physics teacher; I still call him with questions like "Which boils faster, cold water from the tap or hot water from the tap?"

My sister-in-law's mother and my best friend Alan are nurses; they get all the weirdo symptom phone calls and assure me I'm not dying from the ant bite I got in the woods of West Virginia.

My cousin is a jeweler; anything I want, anytime I want, he can find it and get it for me at the "family" discount.

That same cousin's wife is from Columbia; she's a great source when I need Spanish translation.

My step-niece is an architect; guess who I'm having draw up the addition for our house?

My other cousin is a bigwig at Verizon Wireless; he gets all the cell phone inquiries and my undying love for his company.

I have yet another cousin who is a priest; he married my cousin and his wife and also officiated at my father's funeral.

My best friend's husband is a custom cabinet maker; he's been consulted many times on building storage for the inside of our truck.

My step-brother owns a laundromat; when in Florida, I can get suds on the house!

My uncle is in construction; he lets me pick his brain freely when I need building advice.

I have a cousin who is a television producer in Hollywood; I'm ready for my close up...

My old friend in Tucson is in law enforcement; he's always willing to give me the scoop on what's happening in town.

My old co-worker is in the hospitality field at a very famous resort/day spa; he's always willing to give me a discount on spa services.

That's just a partial list but as you can see, I have no family or friends who are doctors, lawyers or indian chiefs and I guess I should be lucky I don't need one of those! I have made some internet friends though who fill the doctor and lawyer category and I've already hit them up for a few answers to which they've graciously obliged.

Who do you know?


MeHereNow said...

I know no-one! Well obviously I do but can't think of any decent examples off the top of my head - but I might give it some thought and do a post of my own if that's ok with you? Or have you copy written the idea with your law connections?!?!?!

J said...

My family is over-run with lawyers. I could use some diversification.

I'm actually quite curious where your new place is. I've figured out the county, I think.

One of the too many lawyers in the family is my brother, who lives in the same town I think you are moving into, works for the next county north...and the rest of the family is in the state capital (including that horrendous woman my dad married, as I mentioned when last I commented back in November).

I hope you will be very happy in your new home.

Anonymous said...

ah ha! I know YOU and you seem to have all the connections. Since I'm Ed's mom...right?

Ed's mom

Scott said...

My best friend from high school works for the Red Sox, I can get into a game anytime I want. Seeing I am a die hard Sox fan it works out great. Other than that I don't have any great connections.