Thursday, May 15, 2008

Maybe She Should Hold Off On The Pet Ownership

At breakfast this morning, Ed asked my mother if she was going to get another cat. My youngest nephew, who was listening in on the conversation, said "Get a dog, Nana. Not a cat."

Ed said, "Oh, so you think you might get a dog instead?"

"Well," my mother said, "a friend of mine has a Russell Stover and I was thinking about maybe getting one of those."

Ed and I looked at each other, then back at her, and Ed said, "A Russell Stover?"

I said, "I think you mean a Jack Russell, Mom."

She looked confused for a moment, which is an expression Ed and I are used to seeing on her face, and then said, "Who is Jack Russell?"

"They're called Jack Russell Terriers," explained Ed, "besides, you really don't want to get a Russell Stover dog; they've been known to melt."

She quickly laughed at this, but I know it took her a full five minutes to figure out what he meant.

Maybe getting a cat isn't such a bad idea.


Anonymous said...

Ok I was taking a drink of tea when I read this...bad idea. Shot out of my nose.

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