Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How To Ace A Job Interview

My friend recently sent me a restaurant review of a local place that I hadn't been to in years. What I remembered most about the place was the great food and being asked out on a date by the owner. Let's just say the food was more interesting than he was.

When my friend read the article, he said the picture of the guy I went on the date with looked familiar but he's not so good with names and wasn't sure if it was him. The whole not-being-good-with-names conversation
reminded him of a story. This is an excerpt from his email:

...I applied at a Geico for a new job. The next day I got a phone call from them for a short phone interview. The entire time over the phone with the guy, my gaydar (which is VERY good) was going off.

At the end he said they wanted me to come in and take some assessment tests and said he would email me the location. When I got the email, I recognized the name Jerry Smith (names have been changed to protect the guilty) and realized it was someone I slept with about 15 years ago.

While waiting in the lobby at Geico, Jerry came through the reception area, saw me and came over to say hello. He was the human resource person that was going to administer the test to me. We both laughed that we had not known each other over the phone but seriously 15 years is a long time.

There was one other person being tested with me, a nice looking Mexican guy. We go into the room to take the test.

Jerry instructs us what we have to do and leaves.

After taking the test for a while, the Mexican guy says to me “You look very familiar, where do you work?”

I replied “I worked at Mountain Day Spa and The Villas at Gold Canyon, what is your name?”

He replied “Jesus Smith Jones” not a very common Mexican name.

I then realized ……

I said “Didn’t you use to work at the Barnes and Noble on Wheaton Avenue?”

He said “Yes.”

I then told him what I had realized. “We dated (slept together) about 10 years ago”.

We both broke out laughing. Jerry heard us laugh and came back into the room to see if everything was okay. We assured him it was and just said we had a funny moment.

I can be interviewing for a new job and have slept with the both of the men in the room! Just call me Puta De Arizona.

Guess who got the job?

No wonder his interviews were always more successful than mine!

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