Wednesday, July 23, 2008

She Reigns Supreme

I was talking to the Queen of Mixed Metaphors the other night when she let another one slip past her regal lips.

She was telling me about an old friend of hers who once advised her that a particular argument with a mutual friend of theirs wasn't worth pursuing.

"She told me that I was wasting my time and I should just let dead dogs lie." she said.

"Well, that would be easy since dead dogs really have no other choice." I answered.

"Whaaat??" Cue the confused voice.

"Dead dogs, Ma. They only can lie." I said.

Knowing she was on the verge of another faux pas, she started giggling, even though she didn't quite know what she was laughing at yet. "What??" she said.

I swear this is the same exact conversation I have every time this happens; comment, confusion, explanation, laughter, more confusion, more explanation and finally, understanding.

"Mom, it's 'let sleeping dogs lie', not 'let dead dogs lie'. As in, just let things be. Don't disturb a sleeping dog - it only causes trouble. And dead dogs? They're dead. That's why all they do is lie there."

After much more snorting and laughter, she got it. These little incidents always make for such good stories.

Two of my other favorites are:

1. The time she called the R & B group Boys II Men, "That group, Boys R Us"


2. When we were at the drive-up ATM and I commented on how ridiculous I thought it was that the keypad was also in braille, to which she responded, "Well, why not? They're doing so many things these days." Driving, ma? The blind are driving now??

I'm so lucky to have such quality entertainment right at my fingertips.

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