Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dormers Of Sweetgrass

Taken at the Sweetgrass, Montana / Coutts, Alberta border crossing, going into Canada.


Angela said...

It reminds me of those cellular phone commericials with the bars. But this is much better! Great pic!

Saretta said...

Nice photo, but the angle kind of makes me feel seasick!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Salena! I'm a friend of Michelle's of Bleeding Espresso and I gotta say, I love your blog -nearly as much as hers! ;-) I'm in the process of trying to get my own going and feel like a total techie reject. Can you tell me how you (or where you) put yours together? I'm looking into Synthasite and Weeble, but personality!

Also, I'm a former Upstater - ever heard of Bolton Landing, NY? - married to an Austrian living in Germany, so I've got some stuff to write about, too....hopefully!

Keep up the fun writing and I hope you're enjoying your Kindle,


Rob said...

Good this pic.. I like!