Tuesday, October 28, 2008

U.S. Route 287

Springfield, Colorado. The lone man sitting at the end of this row of tables epitomizes the entire southeastern corner of this state, and the only thing worse than actually having to be in this town, was eating at this restaurant.


Decorina said...

I love driving US 287 from Dallas to Denver. But Springfield is a dried up, sad place. It was also part of ground zero during the 1930's dustbowl. Since then they've sold their water rights to the fast growing towns on the front range, further ruining their prospects for the future.

I wrote about US 287 in "Driving Through the Dustbowl".

Anonymous said...

That is frickin marvelous! lol

pissed said...

Maybe you didn't think about how the people who actually live in Springfield would feel about your ignorant post or maybe your just a bitch but as a resident of Springfield Colorado let me be the first to inform you that this town has more heart than any city I have ever lived in we all take care of eachother and from the outside yes our town may be a step back in time but to us its home and your comment is not appreciated

The Daily Rant said...

PISSED: You're right, I didn't think about how the people who live in Springfield would feel about this post - and I still don't think about them. Besides, I figured y'all must know you live in a place that is, as Decorina pointed out, "a dried up, sad place".

Glad to see though, that you rise above people like me. After all, you could have called me an ignorant bitch for not liking the place you live.