Friday, October 24, 2008

Weird And Random

Hedon from Highway Hags tagged me, wanting to know all my deep dark secrets. Well, the weird things about me, anyway. I have to say, it was very hard for me to come up with these - I even contemplated asking those who know me what my quirks were. I decided against that though, because I didn't want this to turn into "150 Weird And Random Facts About Me".

And of course, with taggings come rules. Crap. So, here are the rules if you were one of the lucky ones to have been tagged:

1. Link to Highway Hags and list the rules on your blog. (Do you see that link up there?? Done.)
2. Share seven facts about yourselves on your blog — some random and some weird. (Read on, people.)
3. Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their name as well as links to their blog. (I got your seven right here.)
4. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. (Oh crap, this is the part everyone hates.)

So now that I've laid out all the rules, let random weirdness begin:

1. I LOVE movie previews. If I am not in the theater early enough to get a seat in my favorite area (top center), I get very cranky. And if the choice were available, I would probably pay the $9.50 movie price to sit through an hour and a half of previews and skip the movie altogether.

2. I eat all the cheese off my first slice of pizza. Always. Typically, I will order two slices of pizza. Ever since I was a kid, I would rake all the cheese off the first slice and eat it with a fork, then I’d eat the slice itself, plain. My second slice I eat normally, cheese and all. And my favorite type of pizza is just plain cheese, New York style.

3. I have a flat spot on my left ass cheek. Yeah, probably too much information, but hey – it’s supposed to be weird and random, right? I don’t know how this happened or where it came from, but the bottom curve of my left cheek is not a curve at all. It’s just flat. And if you were here, I’d let you feel it. Or, I might just grab your hand and MAKE you feel it. It’s sort of like when someone has a flat spot on their head – except I could put pants over mine. (Hey – if Hedon could write about HER ass , I can write about mine.)

4. I sometimes find myself holding my breath for no reason at all and then only realize I’m doing it when I gasp for air. It’s sort of like when someone has sleep apnea and stops breathing in their sleep. Except I’m awake. When I am conscious of it, I realize that it usually happens when I’m doing something – like holding my breath as I drive over a rough road (only breathing when I read the other side) or if I’m writing a post for my blog or typing an email, I hold my breath until I’m finished with my thought or when I'm putting on makeup. That last one might be kind of normal, but I shouldn't be gasping for air while I'm weilding the mascara wand. Definitely weird.

5. I love outdoor stores like Cabela’s, Outdoor World and Bass Pro Shops, but I hate the actual outdoors. I love all the outside stuff available – compact cooking items, little port-a-potties, screened in huts, picnic tables and products, outdoor hanging lights and best of all, the clothes. Capri pants that zip into shorts, hiking shoes that are cute and sturdy, shirts that whisk away sweat, soft bulky sweaters and thick warm socks, hats that repel water and fold up to put in your pocket, backpacks with thousands of compartments, kayaks, fishing poles, walking sticks, compasses, binoculars…. Oh my God, I can go on with the list of things I want to buy but that I would have absolutely no use for.

6. When I drive (especially through remote areas) I always think that one of these days, I’m going to see a dead body. I imagine that as I scan the sides of the roads, looking for deer and armadillos, I’m going to see a hand. Or someone’s head sticking out of the sand, like you see in the movies. I mean, until you drive all over this country, through every nook and cranny, you can’t even know the places one can dump a body and I bet I haven’t even come across some of the best places yet. The first one, probably on the tip of every truckers tongue has got to be Nevada, especially along US-50, once dubbed the
”loneliest road in America” But border towns near Laredo and Del Rio, Texas are good, the deep woods of Northern Maine and probably anyplace in North and South Dakota. Hell, up there, you could probably leave someone right on the side of an interstate and it would be days before someone drove by them.

7. I imagine myself choking on something while I’m driving (and Ed is asleep) and because he sleeps like a corpse, I will veer off the road never having the chance to have been heimlichtized by him. And I will die or be maimed not from a legitimate accident, but because I had something in my mouth. The things I see myself choking on?

Bobby pins: when I put them in my mouth before securing my hair with them, I visualize the bobby pin getting wedged sideways in my throat.
Fire balls: Those hot, cinnamon orbs one buys at Cracker Barrel; because they are so hot, I suck in air to cool off my mouth while holding it between my teeth and imagine my sucking in air too forcefully and the candy just flying back into my throat.

Cereal: I often snack on dry Cheerios, Fruit Loops or Cocoa Puffs when I drive. I imagine the taking in too many Loops or Puffs and because they’re dry, they don’t go all the way down.

I would be able to holler to Ed for help, so I’d just hack away until I couldn’t breathe anymore. I know, it sounds so morbid, but whenever I think of doing this, I think there is a very good reason parents always worry that little kids will get something stuck in their throat. Except I’m 41 and should know better. But obviously don't.

OK, I think that's sufficiently weird enough; unless there are other people out there who look for dead bodies on the roadside. Anyone? I don’t know that anyone I tag will actually participate, since I don’t know all of them really well to ask such a thing of them, but I’m gonna do it anyway, doggone it. (That’s my Sarah Palin reference) Say it ain’t so, Joe.

Those Who Shall Now Be Tagged are:

1. My best friend
Vicki. I know she will very likely NOT be participating in this, but I’ll try and put some pressure on her to do it. She’s definitely got MORE than seven weird things to say about herself.

2. Sheila at
Ma Vie Folle, who I just found through another blog and instantly loved because the in first post I read of hers, she used a variation of the word “fuck” like 8 times!

3. Don over at
Louise's Daughter. Don and Cheryl are one fabulous couple; they are smart, kind and uber creative! And the best part about their blog? Pictures of their gorgeous granddaughter Maya!!

4. Michelle of
Bleeding Espresso. I always love finding out new things about her. Stop by her blog for some great writing, great photos of Calabria, Italy (and the pooches!) and great recipes in her What’s Cooking Wednesday posts.

5. Gi-Gi from
Gi-Gi Roxx. A female, solo truck driver who posts some great stories about her life on the road. The thing I love about reading her blog is that most of her posts are long. I know some people don’t like to read long posts, but I find her very interesting and I love hearing what she writes about as she travels the country alone, offering a different perspective since she doesn't drive team with a partner like I do.

6. Paul of The Clue By Four. Love the name of that blog and love WTF Wednesday – best name yet for a dedicated blog posting day!

7. Heather J. of
A Lifetime Of Books. I’m not sure if she’ll actually do this challenge since her blog is mainly book review related, but even if she doesn’t participate, you should go check out her posts – especially if you like to read. She’s got some GREAT information there.

If you play along, thanks!! You make me look good. :)


Lisa said...

Hi, I just came by from Age 30... Nice list! I live in SD and if you think the interstate here is deserted, you haven't seen anything. I actually think it would be easier to hide a body in the underbrush in Alabama or Mississippi.

I'm off to read some more of your blog now, and check out the other people you tagged!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I finished my meme. (big sigh) LOL. Actually it's funny because I always dread these things, and then I end up having fun doing them. It's a sickness I tell ya, a fuckin sickness!

Anonymous said...

Ok... I know it's my fault that you had to do it in the first place so you might think this is me sucking up to make amends... but it's not.

That is the most interesting list I think I have ever read. I will be tagging you every single time I get hit myself -- consider yourself warned.

I never go to the movies cause you can't smoke and I just get more and more irritated with the stupid plot the longer I've been without a cigarette. And good for you writing about your ass!! More people whould write about their asses.

OMG! I love Cabelas!! I love to just look through their catalogue and find all these things that I have no use for whatsoever but would still like to buy! We may be twins!

The choking thing -- I have worried about the same thing. But Stace is an extremely light sleeper so that would probably be ok.

My bigger fear is that I might accidently open the door and fall out while driving down the road 65 mph. I have never figured out why I might suddenly open the driver's door while driving but I've always been afraid I would.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

Oh dear. More weird things about me, huh? We'll see....

I have to say though, I often find myself holding liquids in my mouth (ew) if I'm drinking while I'm doing something else. I'm pretty sure I can do both at the same time, so I don't know where that comes from, but I thought of it when I read about your holding your breath, which I'm pretty sure I also do sometimes. Looks like I have one (or two) of my seven ;)

The word verification below?


Uh huh. I could be that too...make that THREE!!!!!

Paul Daniel Ash said...

Raawwrr... thanks for throwing me a challenge on a weekend. I found this last night after a couple days out playing, but I couldn't pass it up.

All the people who clicked through earlier to check on my weirdness... the meme's up now.

My verification word: frubs. Blogger DOES have its charms...

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

I don't usually do memes but hey, what the heck, why not?! Here's my post.

By the way, I answered your questions about my nationality in there. And FYI, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that post you did a while back about Showing Your Roots. That could totally have been a page from my family's life.

- Heather (Age 30+ ... A Lifetime of Books)

PS. My word verification is "cutdrout" ... sounds a lot like cut-throat, no?

Angela said...

I'm gonna work on my MeMe... I've not done one on my blog before I don't think. But I'm sure I'll have fun with it.

Thanks by the way... also be expecting a email from me soon. In response to yours of course!

Have a super trucky day!

Angela said...

And the meme is done.

Heather J. @ TLC Book Tours said...

Ok, I had to come back here and tell you that I fixed the spelling of your name in my meme post - so sorry! :)

Also, I'm very sorry to hear about your uncle's passing. I'm sending you a big hug {{{{{}}}}}. And yes, you would have totally loved my Uncle Nino - I miss him already. :)