Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Day At The Port

Another day, another nightmare at the port. This will be a short post because I'm so annoyed at this happening time and again that I will only be We always think it's going to be an easy load. Pick up a container, chain it down, throw a couple of straps and go. It's one of the easiest loads to pull; it doesn't require a tarp and there's almost no physical labor on our part. Or I should say, Ed's part.

What it does require a lot of, is patience and I don't have any patience. What bothers me even more is the wasted time and ultimately, the absence of pay for that wasted time.

This day started with us making two deliveries; one at LAX and the other at the port of Long Beach. Then, the debacle began. We were to pick up another container going to Detroit and checked in at the port to get it. We had to wait for HOURS before they found it and finally loaded it on our trailer.

Once they loaded it on our trailer, we went to scale the truck. Something told Ed it was too heavy and since the people at the port are useless when it comes to being helpful, you have to think for yourself. And it's a good thing we scaled, because we were at 83,400 pounds. That's 3,400 pounds over gross. ILLEGAL.

So back to the port we go. A few more phonecalls to people who don't have answers, another hour of waiting, another few phonecalls and finally a solution. Take the container off the truck. Ya think?? I could have told you that's what we were going to do the minute we got the scale ticket.

So now we're stranded for the weekend and instead of making thousands by Tuesday, we will only make hundreds. Monday we will look for another load and get back on the road.

And as Ed says, "Another day in the truck."

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