Tuesday, April 06, 2010

International Relations

Notice anything interesting about these two trucks, sitting quietly side by side? Do you know who these trucks belong to? Well, the one on the right is ours. And the one on the left...

belongs to the Lipstick Trucker!! You heard me right! Last night, Eddie and I got to have dinner with Kelly, the Lipstick Trucker!

Kelly is a 23 year veteran trucker from Toronto, Ontario, Canada (y'all know how much I love Canada!!) that I "met" online through my blog. Since we met, we've been keeping in touch via e-mail and this week started texting each other to try to meet up since we realized we might just be passing each other. We were on our way to Los Angeles from New York and she was in Nebraska on her way back up to Ontario and since both of us would be traveling I-80, we figured if we timed it right we might just be able to meet in person. And we did!! Boy, us women are so good at making plans, aren't we?

So we met, she took a quick tour of the truck and then we headed inside to have dinner together. She's totally freakin' awesome! Not only is she cute as a button, but she's SO incredibly down to earth, I felt as if I'd known her forever. Best thing - when she got out of the truck and we greeted each other, we both went in for the hug. I love people who hug!

She's a slender little thing and although we'll never share a clothing size (I can always dream of being that tiny) we do share a shoe size!! What are the odds of finding another female trucker who, in a pinch if needed, I could swap shoes with? I know, crazy. She's got an effervescent personality and a smile in her eyes or on her face at any given moment (as evidenced by this photo):

So after a few more photos, we parted ways and promised to keep in touch and try to meet up again. If we weren't on a "must-be-in-California-as-soon-as-possible" load, I'm sure we would have sat around talking for a few more hours. I think I might have babbled quite a bit but she had no trouble keeping up.

Chances of meeting up again seem really good since she's in the states all the time and since she's been doing it for so long, she knows this country like the back of her hand. She is definitely someone who has a brain I'd like to pick - as a female driver (who has always run solo), I would love to ask her about life on the road before internet, cell phones and a Starbucks on every corner. I think I might just have to beg her for an interview; I'm sure she has a story or two to tell.

The best part is that I now officially know someone in Canada. I can't wait for my official tour of Toronto!

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Lipstick Trucker said...

Salena, Thanks so much for kind words. You are an amazing person. It was a pleasure and my honor to meet you and Ed. You can pick my brain anytime you want.