Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Let's Hope This Industrious City Can Get Our Truck Fixed

Yesterday, we had to bring the truck into the shop. Over the weekend, Ed noticed he was having trouble opening the hood smoothly and upon further investigation, noticed that the hinge on the hood was cracked. Forged metal, just cracked in half. It was so bad, that where the hinge was broken, it created so much pressure that it cracked the fiberglass beneath the grill.

We contacted a local Freightliner to see if they could take us in and work on it. They said yes, so we headed on over there. They looked over the truck, ordered the part and told us it would be in today. In addition, we contacted the clowns in Ohio who have been trying to fix the electrical problem for over a year now and had them ship the inverter here to California so they can do everything at once. I'd rather not have to go back to Fyda; I'm so aggravated with them that I don't even think I'd be able to speak without spitting fire.

Because the truck is in the shop, Eddie and I needed an alternate mode of transportation and a place to stay. So we rented a car, headed to get some Thai food for lunch and then made our hotel reservations.

For the next few nights, we'll be staying at
The Pacific Palms Resort and Conference Center in City of Industry, California.

Here is our room:
The louvre doors slide open to the balcony which has an amazing view.

It was dreary and overcast yesterday and very cold; at one point, it was forty-nine degrees. Of all the sunny California days, we got an overcast one. And tomorrow is supposed to rain all day and be in the fifties. I love cold weather, so it won't bother me too much but overcast rainy days don't make for good photos.

It wasn't raining this morning when I took the following pictures from the balcony. To the left, the City of Industry...
This center view looks out over the golf course and the city of La Puente and in the distance, the San Gabriel Mountains...
And to the right, more of La Puente and in the distance, West Covina.

If we played golf and the weather was better, this place would be ideal, but I think tomorrow is going to consist of lounging around and maybe doing some laundry. We'll check in on the truck when we head out for lunch, but other than waiting for them to finish up, there's not much else we have planned. I like the idea of staying in a hotel though, because sitting at an actual desk makes me more inclined to do the stuff I'm always saying I have no time to do in the truck. When I'm in the truck, I'm easily distracted. I find myself watching TV or wondering what Ed's doing or worrying about getting enough sleep so I'll be able to drive. Here, I don't seem to do that as much.

Thankfully, everything being done on the truck is under warranty, so the repairs won't cost us anything, but let's keep our fingers crossed that they get this taken care of quickly and we don't wind up being here any longer than we have to.

If we are, I might have to start singing rain-rain-go-away-come-back-another-day-Salena-and-Eddie-want-to-play...
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Angela said...

It sure looks like a place of absolute torture. ;o) Enjoy your stay and I hope they get your truck fixed up quicklike!

Anonymous said...

You couldnt have broken down in a better place? Sheesh!