Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Different Kind Of Dumpster Diving

While stuck in California, Ed and I went to Ralph's (local grocery store) to pick up a few things for the truck. As we were walking in, I turned toward the Clorox Wipes dispenser to clean off my hands and the handle of my grocery cart. As I got closer, something shiny caught my eye.

Right next to the dispenser, I saw this silver tote bag sitting on top of the garbage can:

It was one of those cans with a flat silver lid that has a little hole in the top. Because the hole was so small, only one little corner of the bag was stuffed in it.

I lifted it slowly thinking, did someone intend to throw this away? And then I looked at it to see if there was any schmutz on it. I didn't see anything gross, it had no damage and there was a tag on it that said "Designed exlusively for Bloomingdale's". Under that, was the name Helen Barr, Barr & Barr New York. I looked around, but saw no one. It was late, after eleven, and there were barely any people in the store, let alone the parking lot.

So I took it.

It's not leather but it's stitched well and it's lined. I totally feel like I scored; it's a perfect match for my silver shoes. And I didn't even have to risk smelling like rotten produce to get it.
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Gil said...

"Not leather, but is stitched well and is lined"! Biy, does that remind me of some of the things my seamstress 'sangwich' maker mother used to say!

Ms. Crawford said...

What a lucky find! And such a cute bag. Go you!! :)

june in florida said...

You couldn't have done better if you had shopped for it, there must be a story behind how it got there.Good picking Selena.

Angela said...

Nice score. :o) Gotta love freebies!

Anonymous said...

Wonder if that was a shoplifted item that the shliftER got scared he was gonna get caught and dumped it...hmmm.

The Daily Rant said...

Gil: So lucky that your mother was a seamstress! I'm jealous.

Plum: I KNOW!

June: I've actually been looking for a silver bag....this might be an omen.

GiGi: I LOVE freebies!

Tiger: That's exactly what I thought. But hey - not my problem, right? There wasn't a Bloomingdale's for MILES.