Friday, October 22, 2010

The Other Side Of The Tracks

The place we rented in Tuscany was located in the village of Bucine. A cute little village, with a grocery store, a few nice restaurants, a historical importance we were unaware of when we booked our stay and an old Etruscan footbridge in the neighboring town of Pogi that we needed to cross to get to our villa.

Our villa was well off the beaten path; so much so that the first night we thought we were definitely off course until we started to see signs pointing us in the right direction. Each morning when we left, we drove past gardens filled birds, sunflowers, tomatoes and heads of greens that would put blue ribbon growers to shame.

This is part of the road as leaving the villa...

With signs strategically placed asking travelers to please go slowly...

One of the days we decided to take the train to Florence instead of driving the van. As we drive through town, we passed a cat on a balcony...

Finally coming to the beautiful, tree lined train station...

The train station was like a ghost town - almost as if it had been forgotten in time, but clearly in some sort of use. We had our schedule in hand and just stood there until the train we hoped was coming, arrived.

Arrive it did, and we got on and settled in for our trip to Florence. I kinda liked traveling on the train - Eddie didn't have to do any driving, and we got to see several places we would not have otherwise seen - like the inside of the tracks filled with Italian graffiti!

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Pat said...

When we went to England I was looking forward to the train ride to stonehenge. It was foggy the whole way. But, we loved the countryside more than London.