Monday, February 21, 2011

App-solutely Crazy

Boy, I thought having the iTouch was great. Owning an iPhone is even better! I can see why GiGi called hers "iPrecious". I seriously am considering an affair with this thing. Oh, wait...I think I'm already having an affair with it.

I don't think I can pick a favorite, but here are a list of apps that I have on my iPhone and iPod that I use all the time. These are ones I use on a regular basis:

Evernote: Better than a pad and paper. Note-taking has never been so much fun!

Units: Because I like to convert things. Although I am still working on how to turn leaves on trees into money. (Their blog says it's coming soon, but it's already there! And it's free.)

SoundHound: You can sing or hum a song into this thing and it (usually) comes up with the tune you were thinking of. No more racking your brain trying to figure it out on your own.

Free Translator: It has auto-detect and languages I know I'll never need, but for the ones I do use, this thing is spot on. I use this often. It comes in handy when writing, doing crosswords or playing Scrabble.

Truckster: Tells me where the truckstops, rest areas and Walmarts are.

iExit: Tells me what's next and what's at each exit. I can even store favorites.

Rest Area Finder: For those times when we need to pull over for a nap or a snack and there's no truckstop in sight.

For fun, I dive into these:

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and Trivial Pursuit: What? I like Trivia. Go ahead, ask me anything.

Scrabble: I need the practice so I can kick Ed's ass. I'm good, but he's GREAT.

Geared: Fun and challenging! I think I'm ready for that engineering degree now.

Angry Birds: Ninety-nine cents for hours of entertainment. You can't buy that kind of fun! OK, so you can. I did, and it's the best dollar I've ever spent. If I let him, Ed would play this for days on end without a break.

Blackjack: So I can practice for those Vegas runs.

And for when I have downtime...

iBooks and Kindle: This guarantees I'll have suitable reading material no matter where I may be.

TV Guide: So I know what's playing, when. Our satellite system works whether the truck is parked or rolling, so I need to know when my shows are on. This way I'll never miss Modern Family.

New York Times Crosswords and the USA Today Crossword: Always a great way to pass some time, and learn something.

What apps are your favorites? Please chime in and turn me on to some new ones. I have lots of room for those cute little icons. Bring 'em on!

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Ms. Crawford said...

So glad you are enjoying your new phone. Thanks for the info on the apps, we will have to try some of those. Urban Spoon is fun for different places to eat!

Tracey said...

Love, Love, Love my iphone too! I have 2 favorite apps; Around Me and Fastmall.

Around Me shows everything around you (via GPS)Banks, Coffee, Gas Stations, Hospitals, Restaurants etc.

Fastmall finds the closest mall and tells you what stores are there etc.

Good luck and safe travels!


Angela said...

Around me is essential for my job these days because I service so many restaurants and gas stations. I can tell if I'm getting close to one on my route with this handy little app. On the daily I use the TMZ app for entertainment gossip, ShopShop for making shopping lists, IMDb to get movie info, and yes I too am addicted to Angry Birds.

Katie said...

Tetris is my favorite. :)

Scott said...

I love Modern Family! But can't decide who's my favorite.. Phil or Cam. iPhone Apps u need : CheckPlease is a little calculator to figure tips... ,IMDB because I like movies... , TextNow to send and receive texts if u don't have unlimited plan , Easy Wifi to find hotspots , And u need some music... I use HiDef Radio to listen to music from all over the world... All those are free. But lately I'm hooked on podcasts that I get from the iTunes store...

Project Girl said...

Words with Friends! I can't believe noone listed that yet: I am total slave to it.

Others I use often:
The Weather Channel

I just downloaded Find iPhone, but fortunately I haven't had to use it yet!

The Daily Rant said...

PT: I have Urban Spoon, have used it many times!

Tracey: I have Around Me too, but I will DEF be trying Fastmall!

GiGi: Must get IMDB. Love my movies!

Katie: Oooooh, Tetris. You're evil. Now I'll get NOTHING done.

Scott: Oh, such a choice…I think Cam. Or Phil. No, Cam. Phil? Dammit! I do podcasts too, but I think I’ll download CheckPlease for the times I’m NOT leaving 20% (old waitress habit – I tip everyone well. It’s usually the kitchen’s fault anyway. LOL)

Project Girl: You’re the second one to tell me about Words with Friends! And I have the iPhone locator one too, but haven’t used it yet either. And frankly, hope that I never have to!

all things bradbury said...

i rely on truckster so much that i'm not even sure where the truckstop guide book is that i use alot are
weatherbug's amazing how bright it is...
you, and others, mentioned several others i use and lots that i want to check out....thanks!