Saturday, February 26, 2011

Boxed In By Hills

Today, on our way to El Cajon, we encountered the most unusual weather we've ever seen in this area. SNOW.

It usually looks like
this along Interstate 8, and as you go further west, it gets rocky and moutainous. That's where we were. But I've never seen snow, and neither has Ed. The elevation in the area this photo was taken (Pine Valley, CA) is around 4,000 feet. And obviously, with the right climate, snow is produced.

Traffic came to a dead stop, people were taking pictures out their windows, we saw two cars that slid off the road, and then we encountered an odd sight in Southern California; snow plows.

I am now sitting in El Cajon waiting to get loaded. The sun and rain are fighting each other here, battling as if they have no idea snow is just down the block. Sort of. Once we're loaded, we will be heading back the same way and I wonder if the landscape will still be snow-covered.

Note to self: Leave a little extra time for traveling!


Justice Bird said...

Cool picture - it's strange to see snow in those surroundings!

Ms. Crawford said...

I love the picture. We totally avoided the snow here. We came down 5 and it was chasing us but we made it out with only rain. Be careful!

Rita Walker said...

I hope it's gone by tomorrow because that's the way we are supposed to go after we get loaded.

Dixie said...

What a coincidence...we were in Alpine this weekend. We took the RV to Big Bend National Park through Alpine, Presidio and Terlingua. The scenery, especially the mountains were unbelievibly beautiful. We will be going back, for sure.

ELH said...

Hi Salena, ELH here..just checked out your hwy-hags friends,and i'm hooked.
what a couple of fun gals,the type to have pizza,hot wings,and some brews with..although this morn I was 230 lbs on the scale...ouch... go ahead "fat ass partier" I most certainly had that one coming,didn't I..i'm hoping with the weather breaking i can get out more walking or figure out how to grow a few more inches in height...
you know your site and plums is so refreshing with talk of travel,sights,reviews,stories,etc..I kinda forgot with all the negativity over at LOTR from Mr. M,that has changed a lot in the past 6 months,I don't ever remember before all the griping,complaining,political b.s.that wound up having everyone pissed off at each other.It used to be a fun informative site,like here,everyone trading stories and sharing info. I hope the new authors can change some of this.
I certainly hope Mr M, can find peace,he seems to be at a crossroads in his life,doesn't he?
I could not imagine going throughout my daily life being so miserable and depressed,no wonder he has so many health issues..
I don't mean to ramble and take up so much of your space/time..but i've just become so disappointed with LOTR, that i needed to vent..
hope all goes well,and stay safe!!

Nina said...

It looks desolate, but pretty at the same time. :)

Will Strong said...

That's crazy. Snow doesn't make much sense in that area. But it sure looks cool. (pun intended)