Friday, February 11, 2011

What A Croc

Our second visit to this shipper in West Palm Beach, FL and I'm still in shock when I see what's lurking in the water at the edge of their parking lot. Do you see it? Look close....sort of in the middle, near the reflection of the tree.

I didn't see it either. But Ed zoomed in and pointed this little guy out. The thing that gets me about this customer that we go to, is that this body of water butts right up against the parking lot. And there are NO signs that there are crocodiles/alligators lurking in the water. Nothing. Not one "Beware" or "Don't walk near the edge of the water". Nothing.
As he got closer, we drove the truck near the edge of the water so I could take a picture without getting out. I even threw a big hunk of Italian bread at him, but he didn't move. I waited to see if he would eat it, but apparently he's not into carbs. Even though it landed right near his nose, he didn't flinch. And I swear that eye was trained right on ME.
I'm always amazed at some of the wildlife that we get to see up close and personal as we travel around the country. We never really know what we're going to see. Or, what's going to see US.

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Ms. Crawford said...

Seeing these fellows just goes with the territory of living in good ol' FLA! I've seen a baby one in the middle of the street at home once, a pretty popular road too! I guess I understand how people who live where moose are rampant feel, it ain't nothing but a thing. I have never seen a warning sign anywhere come to think of it, I guess you just know in any body of water they are there. You know you enjoyed my beautiful Florida don't even lie!

Terry said...

We have had a few in the pond out behind the house. Two last spring, but then alot of strange things end up in our yard.