Friday, February 26, 2010

Ask A Trucker

This is a truck driver meme dedicated to subjects that affect us on the road. I would love if some of the other drivers who read my blog would also participate. Either put your answers in comments or better yet, do a post on your own blog and let us know when it's posted, so we can all stop by to read it!

1. What is your favorite Interstate to travel?I love I-95. It goes through my favorite parts of the country, the Northeast and the Southeast. It's either lush green, full of flaming fall colors, or blanketed in snow most of the way.

2. Pilot, T/A, Petro, Flying J or Love's?Pilot; cleanest bathrooms and best selection of coffee and snacks.

3. If you had to travel cross-country (East-West or West-East) would you prefer to take the Northern Route (I-80 or I-90) or the Southern Route (I-10 or I-40)?
Definitely the Northern Route - any time of year!

4. When driving, do you prefer to see the sunrise or the sunset?
Sunrise. Sunsets are okay, but I like the way the sky becomes alive with glow first thing in the morning.

5. Favorite state to drive through?
West Virginia

6. Least favorite state to drive through?

7. What do you think is the most truck friendly state?
There are many of them, especially in the South.  Of course, I think that's because twenty percent of the trucking companies are located there.

8. What do you think is the least truck friendly state?
California, hands down. No parking, too many regulations, strict DOT.

9. What is your favorite town to layover in?
New York City.  Of course there's no parking, but if you're lucky to find a spot close enough to a place where you can catch public transportation, it's great. I also love Shipshewana, Indiana and New England.

10. Las Vegas, Reno or Atlantic City?
Las Vegas.

11. Atlantic Coast or Pacific Coast?I think the Atlantic Coast is more scenic, but if you want water views, the Pacific Coast drive gets you a lot closer to get water views in a lot more places.

12. Favorite type of freight to haul?Containers. Easy, no tarp, takes no time at all to load or unload. Although, the ports are always a nightmare. I don't think we've ever been to one without a screw-up or some kind of problem.

13. Favorite company/industry to haul for?
We like to haul stuff for the military. It's usually lightweight, pays well and goes to interesting locations.

14. Most annoying traffic related gripe regarding truck drivers?I don't like when I see truck drivers tailgating cars and I don't like when the don't use their turn signals.

15. Most annoying traffic related gripe regarding four wheelers?
I think there may just be too many to list. Cutting in front of me to get off an exit, not allowing me to change lanes when I've had my turn signal on for a half a mile, pulling around me to get in front of me only to go slower, pulling in front of me and tapping their brakes as if to scare me, riding so close to my ass I can't see their vehicle (only the glow if their headlights), pulling out from behind me on an entrance ramp (not patient enough to wait for us to get up to speed and merge) and the worst offenders...those who pass on the shoulder.

16. Do you drive solo or as part of a team?Team - me and Eddie!

17. What kind of truck do you have and what color is it?It's a Freightliner Coronado and it's metallic black with chrome accents.

18. How many gears does it have?

19. Does your truck have a name?No, our truck doesn't have a name but GiGi’s does!

20. Do any pets travel with you? If so, what kind and what are their names?
No, we don't have any pets, but we sure have room for one.

21. What is your favorite drive in the entire country?
My favorite route to drive in all the country is I-81 from north to south. It starts in Scranton, PA and goes through a little piece of Maryland, a little piece of West Virginia, a nice chunk of Virginia and then finally into Tennessee. In Knoxville it turns into I-40, which goes West across the state, ending in Memphis. I-40 continues at this point, and although I like Arkansas, I'd be happy to end it right there in Tennessee.

22. What state do you currently live in and were you born and raised in that state?
We currently live in Arizona, but I was born and raised in New York and Ed was born and raised in Dallas.

23. What kind of trailer do you pull?
We have a 48' aluminum flatbed trailer.

24. What is your favorite truck stop?
I love going to the Iowa 80 because they always have so much to look at; R Place in Morris, IL because they have an interesting restaurant, and I love Little America - the one in Flagstaff and the two in Wyoming; great restaurants and great gift shops!

25. What jobs did you do before you became a truck driver?
Waitress, Secretary, Nail Tech, Retail, Front Desk Clerk at a resort hotel, Concierge, Operator for the deaf, American Airlines reservations agent...

26. Have you ever been to Canada and if so, which is your favorite Province/Territory? Why?I've been to 11 of the 13 Canadian Provinces/Territories and I think I'd have to say my favorite one is Ontario. It's beautiful, there are so many lakes, the landscape is beautiful, it's got a great cities (Toronto, Ottawa, Niagara-on-the-lake), lots of snow and the BEST of Niagara Falls (The Horseshoe Falls)!

27. What type of weather do you dislike driving in?
I don't like driving in rain at night (I don't mind it during the day) but the absolute worst has got to be fog. Scares the Bejesus out of me.

28. What do you listen to while driving? Type of music, talk shows, etc.
I either listen to music on my iPod (a mix too numerous to list) and talk shows; I flip between CNN, CNN Headline News, NPR and my new favorite, Doctor Radio.

29. Who is your favorite talk show host?Thom Hartmann of "The Thom Hartmann Show" and Tom & Ray Magliozzi of Car Talk.

30. What is your CB handle?I don't have one.

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I loved this post! You answered the kinds of questions I always have. :) I'm also happy to see West Virginia is a favorite. I miss home!!