Monday, March 07, 2011

Shopping To The Maxx

We dropped our load in Avila Beach and headed up to San Luis Obispo. We found a nice, out of the way spot in the Home Depot parking lot and sat around for the rest of the day.

At first, I wasn't planning to get out of the truck, since I really didn't have any reason to, but then I spied the TJ Maxx, about 500 feet away. How could I pass that up? The store was one of the nicest TJ Maxx's I've ever been in; and big, too.

As I got closer, I think this gorgeous purse was calling my name. "Salena.....Salena.....psst! over here...." It was baby pink leather, smelled delicious and felt like butter. Made in Spain. $150.00. Well worth it, but not really practical for the trucking life.
I saw this for my best friend and contemplated buying it just to bust her chops; she hates this phrase:And then I came across this, which I was going to buy for myself, but instead settled on the Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain. TJ Maxx has some of the best deals around. There was a lot that I wanted (but don't have room for in the truck) and will just have to hit a store when I get home so I can haul stuff back to the house and not have to ride around with it in the truck until I get home. I did buy a new shirt, socks for Ed, the olive oil and a new case for my iPod.

When I came across all the iPod/iPhone stuff, I just kicked myself. Had I not so hastily purchased my case at Verizon when I bought my phone, I could have saved myself a bundle! They had all kinds of cool cases for the new iPhone I have. I will have to remember that for the future.

I didn't exactly "shop to the Maxx", but I did enjoy my time in the store and the few things I came away with. I was gone so long, Ed texted me three times to find out where I was.

"still shopping" was the response he got back each time. I think that got him a little nervous.

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Ms. Crawford said...

I love the Maxx! One of my favorites!