Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nappy Time

We've had another busy week; lots of driving, eating and sleeping. I've mentioned before how I don't like busy weeks like this one. My friend Marlaina, who runs air freight with her husband, teases me when I complain about all the miles. With them, it's a regular thing. As she said in my last post on this subject, "Oh you poor kids, 6,500 miles. In air freight, we do 6,500 miles before lunch."

Yeah. Us, not so much. I cry if we have to do 6,500 miles in two weeks. One of my trucker friends says I'm spoiled. Well, duh. My motto is "Do less. Make more."

Which, in my opinion, is the way to work. Why would I want to work harder, longer, and more if I don't have to? Isn't it better to work less to make the same amount of money? Or more money?

The crazy week is over and we have a few days off before we pick up our next load on Friday. Then we make a quick stop in Dallas to take a class, and after that we head to Louisville.

Now that's the kind of pace I like...where there's plenty of time for naps. Excuse me now while I go take one.

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Gil said...

Yes, almost anyone would rather work ten hour for $100 than work twenty hours for the same $100!

Dual Mom said...

Why work hard when you can work smart, right?

ELH said...

thanks for the tip on yogurt, i've never really tried x-wife and daughter love the stuff..after putting on some unwanted lbs this winter I needed to find a new source less fattening...I was pleasantly surprised with all the flavor choices, and i'm happy to report,the scale is showing some relief...

Decorina said...

Hi to both of you - long time, etc. Anyway, last night I dreamed about driving - and the Hags. Do you have any idea what is up with them? XXOO, Decorina