Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Three Musketeers Make Dinner Plans

Back in January, I wrote about Mark, another driver who's leased to the same company as we are, that we met when picking up a load at the same place. Once loaded, we all ran together over the next couple of days.

Well, this week, we were all in Dallas together, taking our required classes. For the two days, we lunched together between classes and on Monday night, went out for some delicious Italian.

Yesterday, after the boys went to deliver the loads in the morning while I was in class, we sat around talking about what we planned on doing. Mark wound up getting a load and Ed and I decided we were going to deadhead (drive empty) from Dallas to Louisville, since we had to get to there for this VIP event on Wednesday night we had been invited to.

We stopped in Texarkana, Arkansas for dinner. Just as we got parked, Mark called.

"Where are you?" he asked.

"Texarkana." Ed said. "Where are you?"


We wound up at the same truck stop at the same time; dinner time! So we naturally did what anyone would do; have another meal together before getting back on the road.

After dinner, I was trying to get a picture of the three of us when a trucker passing by asked if he could help. The picture up there is the one he took with my iPhone. I don't know what that look on Ed's face is - I think he was still talking when the picture was taken!

We had a great dinner and great conversation, as usual. Mark is a helluva lot of fun and has so many great stories and great information about trucking. And he's so willing to share it with us!

Can't wait for our next rendevous!!

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Ms. Crawford said...

Lucky! How neat to meet up, it is great when things work out. By the way I think you are the cutest musketeer.