Saturday, March 12, 2011

Fire Up The Grill

This week, on our way out to Las Vegas, we had a little extra time to stop for lunch. We spent the night at the Iowa 80 truckstop, did a little shopping in the morning after breakfast, wasted more time goofing off in the truck, and then mid-afternoon, finally got out on the road.

We didn't make it very far before Ed decided he was hungry. And he wanted steak. For years, we've been hearing about a steakhouse in
Grinnell, where you can cook your own meat. There are actually two in the immediate area, but this one is just off the interstate, at Exit 182.
On one hand, I guess I understand the novelty of grilling your own steak; on the other hand, I don't get why people go out to eat to cook their own food. There's also a salad bar, which means you have to get your own salad. I mean, what's the point of going out to dinner if you have to do everything yourself?

We were there for lunch, and the grill-it-yourself is only during dinner hour, so the kitchen cooked our meal (for an extra $3.00 per person). We both ordered the Petite Filet Mignon, which came with home fries and Texas toast. It was delicious:

They have a second grill, off the bar area. From what we were told, it seems they get pretty busy. I can only imagine the pushing and shoving around the grill. I don't even like to cook in my kitchen when Ed is standing next to me, I can't imagine having to grill my steaks with strangers bumping my elbows.

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Ms. Crawford said...

This sounds kinda fun. I just love trying new things and isn't awesome that we totally get the opportunity to do that on almost a daily basis?

Anonymous said...

long time no talk...i know you guys are doing well....grinnell iowa home of hugh paul sheridan ..brians bro

ever in vt give us a call
cj n jim