Friday, March 12, 2010

The Voice Of Tucson Speaks

The Tucson Citizen has been the evening paper for Tucson, Arizona for at least a hundred years longer than I've lived there, but the print version has gone the route many newspapers have gone these days, out of "print". Fortunately, The Citizen is not gone forever; it has an online version. And I'm in it!!! (Eddie, too!)

First, let me give you a little blurb from The Tucson Citizen's own website:

" is a compendium of blogs that serves as The Voice of Tucson, written by Tucsonans for Tucsonans. The bloggers and citizen journalists here provide news, information, opinion, commentary and perspective on the issues, interests and events that affect daily life in the Old Pueblo.

Mark B. Evans and Ryn Gargulinski, veteran journalists who worked for the print edition of the 139-year-old Tucson Citizen, administer the site. They also have blogs.

Their goal is to provide a Web site that gives voice to people who want to inform their community about issues that might not attract the attention of the daily newspaper or TV news and to provide their fellow citizens different points of view about the issues of the day that differ from that of the dominant editorial voice in the city – the Arizona Daily Star."

One of those veteran journalists, Ryn Gargulinski (and I don't know which I love more, her first name or her last name....I've said both out loud several times and still can't decide....Ryn? Gargulinski? Ryn? Gargulinski? Damn, it's such a fun name!), has done a column on me (and Eddie) in today's edition.

Please click
HERE to check it out and let me know what you think, good or bad. I can take it, I'm a trucker.

And if you have a little spare reading time left over, be sure to check out Ryn's own personal website to see some of her poetry, her fun wacky yard art and her AMAZINGLY creative, original and loveable (check out the cats!) illustrations. Hey...I wonder if she's ever thought of drawing a truck driver? Hmmmm. Go get Gargulinskied!!

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all things bradbury said...

it's a great article......i especially liked that you let people know that even tho we're doin what most of the world still thinks of as a "man's" job, we are women and most of us still like to look and act like women.....and...i didn't know that you and eddie met on the internet! cool!!! congrats on the did a great job!

Gil said...

Love it! One minority writing about another minority. Seriously, she did a nice write up on you and Ed.

gems4me said...

Great story. You hate Texas? I love east Texas. You need to go through Canton, TX at the first of a month for Trade Days.

Ruth and Glen said...

Great interview Salena ! Congratulations on your debut on the Tucson Citizen. :o)

myacrolife said...

Awesome! You are famous and seriously my new role model!! That was a really nice article and you seem to have admirers which is so cool (I sound like a kid huh?) I want to travel with you for a week. You make it sound really exciting. When can I come??