Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yeah, Cause Heidi Klum Is So Easy To NOT Notice

The list of my favorite TV shows is short, but on that list of favorites is Project Runway. I've even convinced Eddie to watch it with me. Although his eyes aren't glued to the screen every minute like mine are - I watch the cutting of the garment, the stitching of it, the fitting of the models...just everything! - he definitely sits through the runway show at the end and allows me my comments as he just shakes his head. He rarely has a comment. I don't even think he knows what he's looking at. But I know he watches.

In one of the recent episodes, the challenge was to make a dress that a celebrity was going to wear on the cover of Marie Claire magazine. That celebrity turned out to be the host and judge, Heidi Klum (who I love by the way). The winner of the challenge was Anthony Williams (who I also love), and that is his dress in the cover photo above.

Fast forward to this week when Eddie and I were doing one of our "magazine and latte" visits to Barnes and Noble. I roamed the store and picked up my armful of magazines while Ed set up his laptop to do some work on learning more about building websites.

He got up to get us coffee and as he sat back down at the table, he pointed to the magazine on the top of the stack and said, "Hey! That's that guy's dress."

"What?" I said.

"The guy. From the show." he said.

"Ohhhh. Oh my God. I can't believe you noticed that. Wow, baby, I'm really impressed. I didn't think you even paid attention to the show."

"Yeah... Well... I don't. I just know stuff." he said.

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MAE said...

...this blog is soooooo funny...or is it Your Eddie that always gets me to giggle with his dry sense of humor...love you guys...MAE