Monday, March 22, 2010

Sometimes It Takes A Libra Two Weeks To Make A Decision

When I was home a few weeks ago, I had to take my camera in for repair. We have several cameras in the truck but I personally have two; my big one, that I only use when I feel like carrying it around and the little one which is always with me. Always. And it was the little one that needed a little fixin' up.

So I took the camera back to Best Buy for them to send it in for the repair, which wasn't even anything all that crucial and didn't even affect the operation of the camera (it was just some odd pixelation on the LCD screen), but I figured since it was still under warranty I should have it fixed while I was there. The Geek Squad said they'd contact me when they had some news.

Well today I got the news. My camera was not fixable. Nooooooooooooooo! Seriously? But I la-ha-hoved that camera! Then, I got more news; I was told that I could get a new camera at any store nationwide as long as it was comparable in spec and price. Oh, yay. So Eddie and I went shopping! This kind of shopping is a harrowing experience for me because I like to do all of my research beforehand, compare models and features and know exactly what I'm going in for. I really didn't have time to do that today and since we weren't home, we just punched the nearest store into the GPS and headed over there.

When I bought my camera less than two years ago, I paid $299.99 plus tax. It had 8 megapixels, a 4x optical zoom and my favorite feature, the 3" LCD screen. It was easy to use and perfect to slip in my purse or pocket no matter where I was going. I was used to its size and weight in my hand and every single one I picked up in the store just felt so foreign. I was certain they all just too heavy, too bulky and didn't love my palm the way my last one did.

They all had more mexapixels, as was expected since it's two years later and whenever you buy something these days they seem to come out with something better the next week, and they all seemed to have smaller screens. I was so undecided, I thought I was going to have to leave the store. Not only couldn't I make a decision, but it was a gazillion degrees in the store, so I wasn't going to be able to stay much longer anyway and my head was sweating as I walked round and round the camera counter looking and touching.

One thing I did know; I wanted a Canon. That was not negotiable. And the real thing that was killing me was the damn zoom. One had a 14x optical zoom and the other had a 4x optical zoom. My old camera only had a 4x zoom, which worked fine, so I really could have gone that way, but 14x zoom was just staring me in the face. Besides, I'm a very lazy photographer; most of the photos you see on this blog or on my Flickr page have been taken from the seat of the truck, out the window. I like to get stuff as I'm driving by. Man, that 14x zoom was just calling my name.

The dimensions on the new one are slightly, and I mean slightly different than my old camera. It's .4" longer (you do understand I mean less 1/2 an inch, right?), .5" thicker (my old one was 1" thick, this one is 1.5" thick) and just a wee bit wider, which didn't matter so much. It just feels different in my hand. And, t
he 4x zoom one had a 2.7" LCD screen, the 14x zoom a 3" screen, although it was weirdly rectangular, I love a 3" screen. But then, the 2.7" screen, 4x zoom one came in this crazy ass orange that I LOVED. Arggghhh!

I had to consult with Ed. He helped me decide by telling me that not only did the one with the 14x zoom have a faster shutter speed, manual modes like an DSLR, new features that the other didn't have, but it also had the ability to shoot HD movies.

So I
got it. Spec-wise, it's better than my old one and it cost me next to nothing; I got a $300.00 credit based on the old camera and this one was $350.00 so I only had to pay the difference. But damn that indecisive Libra zodiac sign of mine, because I got it in black and am now thinking I should return it for the purple one.

I'm not even opening the box until I make that decision. Thank God I have 14 days.

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Gil said...

Based on this story, how long did it take to pick out the new truck? You are too funny!

Unknown said...

You are a purple girl, don't even give it a second thought, take it back, get the purple! If you even need help with decisions, us Capricorn girls have no problem in that department.

extenze said...

woman, it's just a camera =.= the color will fade with usage along with wear and tear!