Sunday, December 04, 2011

So THIS Is What We Look Like!

Eddie and I never really see what we both look like while in the truck. You know, how others see us when they pass us on the road. That is, until we came upon this extremely reflective, shiny building!

Look! There we are!! Eddie in the driver's seat! Me taking the picture!

OK, I'm guessing this really isn't all that big a deal. Sorry to bother you folks. Things to blog about this week are a little lean.

Before we left though, Ed did turn the truck around, the rear of it facing the mirror...

You know, to see if our ass looked fat.

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Gil said...

Good thing I read your post as your truck looked distorted when I first looked. Rear wheels looks like they are seriously bent. Another great picture!

Anonymous said...

The rear wheels look like a funhouse mirror.