Thursday, December 08, 2011

Midway To A Haven Of Triple X Activity

Last week we did Phoenix, AZ to Mesquite, TX to Lenexa, KS to Houston, TX to San Antonio, TX to Dallas, TX to Richmond, CA and then back to Phoenix, AZ - a total of 5,318 miles. This week it's Phoenix to Salt Lake City to Atlanta to Nashville to Oklahoma City to Kansas City to Denver and then back to Phoenix - that'll final out at 5,363 miles for the week.

I'm pretty sure only a truck driver can understand what it's like to drive over 5,000 miles in a week. And until I started doing this, I had no idea that truckers drove so much. I had no idea that anyone drove so much. Anyway...

In the midst of all that driving, we realized that we'd be passing through Columbia, Missouri. Normally, this would mean nothing to me, but the last time I talked to my Uncle Tony, he asked if we'd ever been to the Midway Travel Plaza. I hadn't. I didn't know it at the time, but the Midway Travel Plaze is where the Travel Channel films a show called Truck Stop Missouri. He asked me to get a picture if I was ever there. Easy enough.

In the wee hours of the morning, we pulled in to check it out. I knew I wouldn't be getting out of the truck since I was in my jammies, but I could certainly get a picture. So there you have it - a picture of a "famous" truck stop taken in the middle of the night.

I have never seen the show - although I've seen previews - but I have to tell you, this place is a dump. It's one of those truck stops I would never stop at unless absolutely necessary - like driving on fumes necessary. It didn't look like a place you'd film anything, let alone something for the Travel Channel. Who would go there?? Crappy parking lot with tons of potholes. Eeery lighting. Super seedy. If it weren't for the arctic temperatures, I'm sure there would have been a swarm of lot lizards too.

I don't see any reason why you'd want to go there, but if you do, you can't miss it - it's nestled among the triple-x shops and adult bookstores. You'll be able to navigate via the billboards: "XXX", "Live Nude Girls 24/7", "Adult Videos", Midway Travel Plaza, "Massages 24/7", "Lingerie Shop", "Sex Toys", etc.

Missouri is one of the only states where the sex industry, advertised via billboards, is so noticeably present. It's all over the state, specifically on I-70 and I-44. You can't drive a stretch of either interstate without seeing one of these advertisements. At least in Vegas, it's confined to the town itself, which you know is a hotbed of sin.

Ed saw a billboard last night where the mouth of a blow-up doll in the shape of a heart was featured front and center. For such a conservative state, there certainly seems to be a lot of outlets for people who have a proclivity towards all things of the sleazy sexual nature. Makes you think there must be a lot of people there needing to be serviced.

Even if they have to blow something up to get the job done.

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Truckingtiger said...

Ahhh, Missouri. XXX and churches on the same corner. I used to drive 44 all of the time and always saw the roadside "bookstores". LOL.

ELH said...

the place is "CREEPY"...not a place to get out in the dead of night....should be on everyones list of "places to avoid"..good choice..

The Daily Rant said...

TT: I know! That's one of the reasons I find it highly hypocritcal. I have no problem with porn and if someone wants to read it. But don't go spoutin' your holiness when what you're condeming is right in your backyard. And there's a LOT of it.

ELH: VERY creepy. I probably wouldn't get out if I were alone - especially to walk from my truck to the building. Eeek.

Gil said...

Thanks for keeping me up to date with parts of our culture you never see in a newspaper or anywhere else!

Jen17 said...

what an interesting blog! i enjoyed reading this site. readers who may be interested in learning about the secret world of phone sex operators are also welcome here.

Anonymous said...

it is amazing to me that from reading this blog entry, you have pretty much "described" the state of Missouri as a sex trade state. Nevermind the beautiful Ozark mountains, state parks, and gardens. I guess the fact that the people of Missouri would give the shirts off their backs if you needed it, shouldn't even be considered. I have been all over Missouri and have found many small, wonderful surprises. I am certain that if you follow the interstates, the sex industry does not stop at the state line of Missouri. Maybe before you paint such an awful picture of a place, you do some research about what the place is actually about. I am sure you would not like your home state to be trashed, like you have trashed mine.