Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'd Like Some Snow For Dessert

Yesterday I got in touch with my cousin to let him know we were in town - I was hoping that he'd be around and not traveling for work - when he heard we'd be here for a few days he invited us right away to join them for dinner today. What I didn't know was that he also invited my other cousin and their kids, and his parents, my Aunt and Uncle. I haven't seen any of them in almost three years. It was a wonderful surprise!

It's a long time to go without seeing family, but honestly it doesn't really feel that long because they send pictures of the kids several times a month and we email, text, and talk on the phone. But nothing beats hugging my Aunt Ronni and smelling her Chanel No. 5, hearing my Uncle Tony call me "Cie", his nickname for me, and watching the faces of the kids as they marvel at the truck. I always love being in New York; just crossing the state line makes me so happy, and seeing my family made it extra-special.

I was hoping for some snow, but the weather has been very mild for this time of year - crisp, but not freezing - which makes it kinda hard for Ed to keep his promise to take me snow tubing.

Dinner with family was great, but bring on the snow, please!!

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Gil said...

Glad to hear that you are with family having fun!

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