Monday, February 06, 2012

He's Been Waiting For This Day For Thirty-Seven Years

Today is Ed's birthday, and at thirty-seven years old, he's still the youngest person in our truck. Drats! Last night, while he was fast asleep sawing wood, I snuck up front into the cab to blow up about twenty-five balloons for my decorations. Every big balloon breath I took, I stopped to listen to see if he was still snoring. If I heard a loud snort, I knew I had a few more minutes to keep filling balloons. He usually sleeps like the dead, but last night he was tossing and turning, so I had to keep watch. Once all the balloons were blown up, I took them and the streamers and got busy in the sleeper. I did everything in the dark, with just a little bit of light from the rest area streaming through the window. I kept one eye on Ed to make sure he didn't wake up, and continued my sneaky decorating. Once I was done hanging the banner, the streamers and the balloons, I wrapped his gift and wrote out his card. I left everything propped up right where he could see it should he wake before I did. As you can see from these pictures, when he was awake and out of bed, he was overjoyed. OK, so maybe he was mugging a little for the camera. But this is pure Ed - happy all the time. Well, except when I annoy him, but we won't talk about that because today is his birthday! Yay! Birthday! Happy, happy!! Tonight I'll make him a special dinner and then we'll have birthday cake that I'll be baking sometime today. Then we'll tool around, seeing and doing whatever the birthday boy's little heart desires.

You know, even though today is Ed's birthday, I'm really the one who has received a gift - the gift of Ed. As much as I bust his chops, I love him more today than he probably knows. He's really an easy person to get along with and since we're on the road with each other, less than three feet apart most of the time, three-hundred days a year, it's crucial that we get along. When we're not in the truck, we're still not far apart and eight years later, we're still together. I believe that alone is a testament to our relationship. There aren't too many people who can spend that much time, in such a small space, with their significant other. In complete bliss. Okay, I'm stretching.

Seriously though - he's laid back, unintentionally funny, kind, respectful, professional, thoughtful, and just when I think he's not listening, he makes a comment about a subject I brought up days before, or he'll present me with a gift for no reason, which always winds up being something I mentioned I wanted, but had long forgotten about. He's considerate, makes and keeps goals, is a tech-wizard, is well-rounded in his music, movie and reading tastes, a GREAT Scrabble player, an excellent driver, a good businessman and best of all, he still writes me love notes, loves to snuggle and takes good care of me.

Everyone in my family loves Ed. LOVES. And my friends feel the same way about him. My girlfriends always tell me how lucky I am to have found someone like him and I always say, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. You want him for a few days?"

All kidding aside, I'm looking forward to another year with my sweet, sweet Eddie. He may be a year older, but he'll always be a spring chicken to me.

Happy Birthday, Baby!! I love you.

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MAE said...

What an absolutely beautiful tribute of love for Your Eddie on his birthday. Seems like you know how blessed you are having a good man. I said good, not perfect, lol. We love you both.

Gil said...

Happy Birthday Ed! Wow Thirty-seven, such a nice young number considering I became 30 years old than you on World Nutella Day! No fancy decorations at my age....

Marlaina said...

Happy birthday Eddie, save me some cake.

june in florida said...

Happy Birthday Eddie and many more with some who obviously adores you.

ELH said...

Well well Salena, you're absolutely gushing...good for you's not often in this world two people can come together,work together in tight quarters such as you have and keep that kind of relationship...
it's been such a pleasure for me to follow your post for these past couple years, and i'm so happy for you both..what you have is rare,i hope you both treasure that,and have a wonderful prosperous life together..and oh yeah..tell ED,happy bday for me..

Ed said...

Toni, Gil, Marlaina, June, and ELH: Thanks for your kind words. Gil HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU and I bet you are kicking yourself for not being able to share a birthday with Ronald Reagan and Bob Marley.

all things bradbury said...

happy birthday, eddie!!!....if i didn't know better, i'd swear salena had a crush on you!!!....hope it was an fantastic day!!

Evil Pixie said...

Happy Birthday, Ed! Wishing you the happiest of birthdays!

Gil said...

Thanks Ed! I now get to share it with Nutella....

Belledog said...

Happy Birthday Ed!

You and Salena are so lucky to have each other. Everything else is cake.