Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Making Tracks Across The Country

When recently looking for some other photos, I came across this shot I took of a train board. At the time, it reminded me of my grandfather, since he had trains set up all over his house since the day I was born, until the day he died. He had big and small scale trains, N Scale, OO and HO Gauge if I remember correctly. He had a large, extremely detailed train board that my brother and I loved to watch him work on. When he got older and my grandparents moved from their house to an apartment, he had a smaller board set up in the kitchen. It was great.

Today this picture made me think of everything we pass by on a daily basis when on the road. I look at everything - trees, farms, broken down cars in people's yards, swingsets and kids toys strewn about, cows and horses grazing in fields. I feel like my work day is alive, with something always going on. Always different, always somewhere new.

I've mentioned before how I have favorite parts of the country, and mostly it's because of what I get to see while there. I generally hate anywhere that's hot, but if I can't escape the heat, I prefer to be in an area I enjoy. I really don't like the western part of the country at all - especially the Southwest where everything is flat, dusty, dead looking and barren. I like seeing trees, rivers, mountains, fall foliage, spring buds, barns, snow, traffic and urban areas.

I love when I come across something unexpected. Like a week ago this guy in a pickup truck cut in front of me, from the far left lane to the far right lane, speeding of course, to pull into a rest area. I was watching him thinking, "What an idiot. Why is he going so fast into a rest area?? That's so unsafe." when BAM! - his front left wheel completely FELL OFF THE TRUCK and he slid about a hundred feet in a shower of sparks. The entire wheel, tire and rim, just came right off and went rolling behind him down the ramp he just pulled into. I got it on video. I don't know what happened because I couldn't stop, I was already past him, but I watched it happen out the passenger window.

Or today, when I saw a guy in an orange helmet, on a zipline that ran parallel to the interstate - he was crossing the river at the same time I was - him on the zipline, me over the bridge. Very cool.

I see animals all the time playing in the fields with each other - horses running side by side, cows butting heads, calves nuzzling their mothers. I love seeing alpacas, because no matter how many times I've seen them, there's always that moment where I say to myself, what the hell is that?? and then I remember. Oh yeah, an alpaca.

The only time I like to drive at night is when I'm going across an area that I don't like or that's visually unappealing to me. Have you ever driven through West Texas? I happen to think it's beautiful at night. It seems I won't be around for the smattering of snow the Northeast is going to be getting, but maybe I'll be a little luckier on the next trip.

Life, for sure, is passing me by; but in the good way. And I'm not missing a minute of it.

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Dale said...

I agree with you that being out and about makes one feel more alive. Is there anyway you can post the video of the guys wheel coming off his truck?

The Daily Rant said...

Dale: I think Ed can pull a clip of it from our DVR - it was at night, but the dash cam did get it - if you look closely and quick! :)