Thursday, July 19, 2012

Not Just A Coach, But A Cheerleader Of Joy!

Essence is defined as, "the intrinsic or indispensable properties that serve to characterize or identify something; the most important ingredient; the crucial element; the inherent, unchanging nature of a thing or class of things; an extract that has the fundamental properties of a substance in a concentrated form; a perfume or scent; something that exists, especially in a spiritual or incorporeal entity."

And you know who has it? (Well, besides me, of course.)

My friend Lisa Bruchac. And now she's helping other people
find their essence too.

I've known Lisa for over 20 years, and although we've followed different paths in life and spent many years apart doing our own thing, we reconnected a few years ago. And she's exactly the same person I knew in high school. Well, sort of.

Same in the sense that she's loving, funny, compassionate, intelligent, insightful, kind and truly full of joy. And although she's grown as a person, everything she already is and everything she always was, has clearly been enhanced by
her journey of self-discovery. If it's possible to have improved what was already there, it seems she's done it. Her light shines with such force, you'll be bathed in its glow, even through the phone lines.

Her new venture as a Life Coach is so perfectly suited for her personality. She's a great listener, she's perceptive, she's open to receive information and respond thoughtfully, and she really cares. You can feel it.

Having someone guide you, to help you find answers you've been searching for, to uncover what your "purpose in life" is, to aid in discovering who you are or how you were meant to live, is an invaluable gift. And Lisa has it. Sometimes it just takes another person to give you what you need to find your joy. As she mentions on her website, that's your only "job" - to feel and share joy.

She's not just some do-gooder-hippie-dippie-I-think-I-wanna-help-people-cause-I-want-a-happy-world-ooh-look-there's-a-rainbow type of person (although she likely does want a happy world!). She's got credentials, yo! She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Masters of Arts in Speech-Language Pathology, and among other certifications, she's also a Certified Mind/Body Health and Wellness Coach.

I think we all know someone who might be lost. Someone who can answer some or all of these questions. So if you do know someone - or if that someone is you - who needs a little coaching in their life, consider taking the plunge to Find Your True Essence with Lisa.

She believes so much in what she's doing, she's offering a FREE 30-minute session to see if you'll click, if she's someone you feel a connection with, if you think you will feel comfortable putting your "life" in her able, coaching hands. If she can find thirty minutes for you, you can certainly find thirty minutes for yourself.

As motivational speaker Anthony Robbins has said, "Why live an ordinary life when you can live an extraordinary one?"

You owe it to yourself to find that answer. It only takes one click.

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Lisa said...

Salena, I love this....thank you so much for your always, I love, love, love your writing and you have my support as well!!! Lisa