Saturday, March 16, 2013

On The Run

Oh, the sights you see when you're cruising the back country roads around Nashville. 

This beautiful little bird - the Guineafowl or Guinea Hen as it's known - was cruising down the side of the road with a bunch of his other friends when we drove by.  I was immediately intrigued when I saw him and asked Ed to go back because I wanted to see what it was.  When the car creeped closer to him he darted under the fence and back into the field so I had to snap this photo while he was moving. 

I'd never seen this kind of bird before.  I thought it was a ptarmigan because of the spots, Ed pegged it correctly as a guinea.

"Look!  A ptarmigan."


"Who are you calling a guinea??"

"No, the bird."


Then I Googled for more info. 
Apparently, they're easy to raise and they're delicious.

My kind of bird.

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1 comment:

dixie/ Ed's mom said...

Yes, they are delicious. I was tricked into dressing and cooking one by being told it was a wild turkey...(I knew it wasn't, but he who brought it home, had to eat it).