Monday, March 18, 2013

You'll Know You're Getting Close When You See The Zebra

Whenever we're property hunting, I'm always fascinated by the properties that are millions of dollars out of my price range.  We came across two of those last week, a mile from a house we were looking at. 

One of them belongs to Grammy-nominated songwriter Curly Putman, Jr. who, according to the nice chatty neighbor we talked to, had Paul McCartney stay at his place back in the seventies.  He was joined by his wife and members of his band, Wings, and while they were there, were inspired to write and record their hit "Junior's Farm". 

It's a stately white house which sits on a hill in the middle of 122 acres - they even have their own little lake - but as grand as Curly's house looked driving past, it was the one across the street that caught my eye. 

Nestled in the trees, this house was GIGANTIC.  Much bigger than Curly's.  It only sits on 18 acres, and it doesn't have a lake, but it has something even more amazing.

A zebra. 

I kid you not.  These people had a friggin' zebra grazing in their yard!  Ed was driving, so I made him pass slowly so I could look at the house.  Then I saw this:
"Oh my God.  Pull over.  Pull over!  They have a zebra!!"  He pulled the tiny Fiat into a spot on the other side of the road while I got out to get closer.  "C'mere, zebra." I said. 




I was trying to get his attention but he didn't even look in my direction.  Ed made fun of me from across the street, mimicking me in a singsong voice, Zebra, c'mere zebra.
As I was talking to this zebra, trying to get him to come closer to the fence, I saw another one through the trees.
I zoomed in on him as much as I could but needed to get a closer look.  He seemed a little different in color, kinda beige with black stripes, rather than the other one who was more white.  Shit, they could have been pink and orange striped and I could not have been any more stunned to see a zebra. 
I didn't even know a regular person could own a zebra. I thought they were relegated to zoos.  According to my possible future neighbor, the people who own this house have made millions in coffee; they own a coffee roasting/distributing company in town, in addition to several coffee shops.  I wonder how many cups of coffee one has to sell to own two zebras? 

If we bought that house, giving directions to get there would be awesome.

Get off the interstate, travel 3.4 miles until you pass the zebras...we're a mile down on the right.

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