Friday, March 22, 2013

The Veteran And The Rookie

Who is who you ask?  It may not be what you think.

This is a picture of my Eddie with Marc Springer, one of the stars of Shipping Wars, the hit TV show on A&E.

In this case of the veteran and the rookie...

The Snortn' Boar (Marc) is The Rookie and Ed, with more than 2.5 million miles and 17 years of driving under his belt, is The Veteran.  I'll bet he can teach 'ol Marc a boatload about trucking, including all his great little tips and tricks that only come from years of experience.  In return, Marc can give him the scoop on motorcycles and maybe one of those Snortn' Boar tee shirts.

We didn't take up too much of his time since there were people in line waiting for autographs, but we did introduce ourselves as  fellow drivers and told him we write a column for the Long Haul Magazine - he was on their first cover.  I got a signed autograph for my nephew Jake, the picture of him and Ed, and handed him my business card before we left. 

You know, just in case he needs anything. 

Our day at the show was busy and informative, and even included another surprise I didn't expect, which I will write about soon.

Right now though, I have to go spend some time with The Veteran.

I'm thinking of selling his autograph.  Anyone want one?  You can have one signe d with Ed's given name for $5 a pop, or I can persuade him to sign it "Eddie Pisghetti", which'll set you back $10. 

Let me know - I've got a pretty good connection. 

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1 comment:

june in florida said...

I've watched Shipping Wars and they all could use some of Ed's advise on how to measure and load and tie down.They should read Ed's blog.