Tuesday, March 18, 2008

1. Cut String 2. Walk

My mother called me today to tell me what happened to her while shoe shopping this past weekend.

It seems she saw
a pair she liked, took them down from the shelf and tried them on. She slipped one foot into the left shoe and the other foot into the right. As she slid her foot in, the shoe moved. So she pushed her foot in further, while at the same time moving the shoe forward to break the string that tied them together.

But the string didn't break. It stopped her dead in her tracks and she fell. Face down.

She said a little Asian woman rushed over and said to her, "Are you okay? How emballassing. Would you rike me to help you get up?" My mother said the woman was so tiny, she was afraid if she took her hand, the woman would wind up on the floor next to her, so she declined. She told the woman she was fine and that she just needed a minute.

At that moment, the friend my mother was shopping with came around the corner of the shoe aisle and asked her what the hell she was doing; obviously, she couldn't tell from my mother's position on the floor that she was trying on shoes. Duh.

My mother was laughing so much telling this story and how she just couldn't get up. Not even to a sitting position. So she just lay on her side. She hurt her wrist a bit in the fall, but the problem wasn't her wrist. She said her feet just weren't working.

Until it hit her. She still had the shoes on and her feet were tied together.

I'm glad my mother is okay, but more importantly, I am so thrilled I didn't inherit that gene.

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Anonymous said...

LOL, OMG, just picturing TONI on the floor made me laugh so hard, thank you. Greggie