Saturday, March 08, 2008

Palm Sketches

As you know, Ed is the King of gadgets, and one of those gadgets is a Palm Pilot. We use the Palm for our GPS, as a calculator, to play solitaire and best of all, for me to sketch!

I sketch something every once in a while and to date, have about forty sketches. I'm going to start posting a few of them here and there mostly for laughs, but more importantly, to allow you to witness my sheer artistic genius.

There is a story behind each sketch, a reason I felt the urge to put stylus to screen, if you will. The first time I ever drew, I was experiencing an extreme amount of eye pain. I don't know what happened, either I poked myself in the eye (which would have been dumb) or I got something in it (which sounds more reasonable). It hurt so bad, was watering and I was forced to keep it closed. It felt like someone was poking me in the eye with a knife; so with my one eye closed, I drew my first sketch.

Which brings me to the unveiling of the first of many Original Palm Sketches by Salena...

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Michelle | Bleeding Espresso said...

OK the pain is definitely coming across here. Ouch.