Thursday, April 11, 2013

Five Facets Of Comfort

There are a many little things we use while on the road, mostly because we lack space. A lot of things we buy at RV or camping stores because they have the coolest stuff, made specifically for compact spaces.  Other items are just personal favorites.  Here are some of mine, ones I use every day.

Moon & Stars Sleep Mask
I love this thing.  I never thought I'd be able to sleep with something on my face, but I don't even feel this, it's silky and lightweight.  Since I usually drive at night, often I will sleep during the day.  I don't like to close off the cab and the windows with the curtains, because I feel so disconnected from what's going on, so I just slip on my mask and slip into a deep sleep coma.  Ahhhhh.

Baby Wipes
I always buy the ones with this kid on the front.  He's so freakin' cute, I can't get enough of his face.  Plus, it helps me to remember which ones I like.  These I use for everything.  First, well, the obvious, what you think you'd use babywipes for.  Well, except you know, minus the diaper fiasco stuff.  But seriously, I use them for everything - they're great for getting stains out of a shirt, I clean the dashboard with them, I wipe down the leather on the seats, I clean up tough spills from the floor, I carry them in a ziploc bag in my purse to always have a handy way to clean stuff.  They're priceless.
Sun Visor
I like to sit up front when Ed is driving, and often I'm on the computer or the iPad reading.  But the sun coming in is enough to drive me into my cave.  I hate sunlight.  I put my visor on the truck down, and I put my suction cup window shades up on the window.  Then I put my visor on to shade my eyes, and short of shooting the sun out of the sky, I'm pretty set.  I like this one because it has a terrycloth band, and slips on my head easily.
Neckroll Pillow
I thought this was only for 90-year-old people on planes.  But it's perfect for using in the truck.  When we're driving long distances and I happen to be sitting up front for a while, sometimes the motion of the truck just lulls me off to sleep, like a baby.  You know that old trick of taking a baby for a ride to get them to sleep?  Works on adults too.  And this thing makes sure your head doesn't snap off your neck when it violently jerks from one side to the other. 

Can Coozies
I love these things.  The cup holders in the truck are usually too small for anything we put in them.  It doesn't hold a can, it doesn't hold a small coffee cup, it doesn't hold a fast food beverage.  When the truck is moving, it wiggles.  Enter the can coozie.  Ed and I each have our own color and they not only keep the drink on the coldish side, but more importantly, they rubber coozie fits snugly into our cup holder.  Priceless.

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Marlaina said...

Good thing I own a piece of Huggies through my Vanguard Index Fund ETF, VTI, because I drop a fortune on these little gems. They are the BEST. Bigger than the others, sturdier, and you're right I use them for everything, including "doing the dishes" until I can a get to running water.

I decided to buy some Target disposable face cloths/makeup removers to "wash" my face at night and in the morning. Bad move, they almost burned my face, leaving my soft skin stippled. I stopped and five days later, thankfully, it returned to normal.

I will never stray from Huggies again!