Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Sunniest Black Hole

I got a text from The New York City Truckers today.  They're stranded in California.  Marlaina is getting antsy and wants to get moving.  They've only been down a few days (this time) and she's ready to get back to making the big bucks.   

California is like that.  You can get freight going out there, but when you do, you're in a black hole and you're gone for long stretches at a time.  We have been stuck there for anywhere from two to three days to two to three weeks.  It can be horrible. 

It's a real problem, this California thing.  There's no parking.  The air quality regulations are choking the trucking industry.  And there's no freight out of the state, so there's no reason to take anything into the state.  I don't know who's going to suffer more, the truckers or the people who live there.  They've already got money issues.  They'll have even more problems if they can't get toilet paper delivered.  And that guy in the picture up there, the one who does rest area maintenance, he won't even have a job.

We were there at the beginning of the month, out of Houston, but only took the load because it was a round-trip.  Otherwise, we would have passed.  And the last few days we've been getting calls from agents for loads going that way.  Ed politely declines.  I usually say, "We'd love to take your load, but there's nothing coming out of there.  It's not worth the money.  Thanks, anyway."

We're sitting too, in Georgia.  We finally got out of Houston with a load that was worth moving for, but we still need to get to Shipshewana to get the refrigerator fixed.  Everyone out of here seems to be going out west too, so we're waiting once again.  The generator was on the fritz but miraculously has been working the past few days, our fingers are crossed. 

Dinner tonight was Waffle House.  Not ideal, but it was the only place within walking distance and Ed didn't want to lose his parking spot.  I ordered my hashbrowns crisp, like everyone else in the place.

Tomorrow I plan to dine from a different location. 

Thankfully, it won't be California.

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