Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Luxurious Nomadic Life

Today we went to tour the Renegade RV factory in Elkhart, Indiana.

For those of you who don't know, Northern Indiana is the
RV Capital of the World. They are serious about recreational vehicles here! The area is filled with manufacturers, dealers, service centers and sellers of all things RV. In fact, many of the guys who work at ARI, the place who built our truck, have had past experience in this industry.

We're looking at buying a new truck, but since there's nothing wrong with the old one, Ed is thinking about turning it into an RV.  When building a large diesel-pusher RV, the bulk of the cost is in the engine and the chassis.  All the rest is just fluff and add-on.  We already have an engine and chassis, so they'd just have to build a box.  This would be for us to use as a living space wherever we happen to park it for whatever the designated amount of time would be.  This obviously isn't something you hook up to a trailer to haul freight with.  That would be absurd! (Although I'd totally do it if we could figure out a way to make it work.
But look what they can turn our truck into!!  Isn't it amazing?  Two bathrooms, a queen sized bed, dinette, two couches - one of them turns into a sleeper bed for guests - and whatever color leather, tile, fabric and cabinetry you choose.
We'd go in, pick out everything we want - sort of like building a house - and they'd put it all together, building it from the chassis up.  You can be as basic or as extravagent and you'd like, it all comes down to how much you want to spend.

Look at the kitchen.  The counter space is a little less than ideal (although I can make it work), but it has a full-size fridge, which I love.  Some units have a dishwasher too, although I think that's unecessary. 
Our truck would be able to accomodate a box with four slide-outs, two on each side like in this photo.  And each side of the vehicle has an awning like this.
Right now it may be a bit of a dream, but it's not very far from something that can be a reality.  We looked at RVs several years ago when we considered using it as a residence.  We were very close to making a decision then, but now possibly have a truck to use, which would save over one hundred thousand dollars, it seems more doable.

Man, if I can entertain guests in my little 132" sleeper, imagine what I can do in this one!  I'm clearly cut out for a nomadic lifestyle, but I'd prefer this over a Bedouin tent. 

I've got my fingers crossed so tight, I'm cutting off circulation.

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MAE said...

You do more in your little kitchen than some women I know...with this addition you could be a travelling restaurant, lol...absolutely amazing!

Scott said...

When you guys buy the new truck, I think you should giveaway that truck you have now to a lucky ready......just a thought.

The Daily Rant said...

MAE: I've already cooked for guests in my truck! Maybe I have to start charging them. :)

SCOTT: Now that's a helluva giveaway! I don't think I'd be able to talk Ed into that. :)