Saturday, November 02, 2013

City Tour

Today Ed and I visited "A" Mountain.  Some people climb it.  We took the car.
When we got to the top, we took in the view of everything below.  To the North, waaaay up  there, was our neck of the woods.  Flat and very sprawling, isn't it?
Then we turned toward the East, where you can see the city in the distance.  More flat.  More sprawl.  Lots of dirt.  Mountains in the distance. 
This tiny clump of buildings is considered "downtown" Tucson. 
There you have it.  And to paraphrase this sign seen at the top of the mountain - you are looking at the very same view seen in the photo below, taken in 1880 - it's where the Old Pueblo grew from a small frontier town to a bustling American City.


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Belledog said...

Look at that sky. Also on the bike church pic.

Interesting to see the topography of Tucson; thank you for presenting it this way.