Monday, November 25, 2013

One Woman, Ten Looks

I have so many time wasting activities, they're too numerous to list.  And clearly being home for several days has caused me to spend a whole lot of time engaged in one of them - playing with makeover software (which I've posted about in the past).  I love seeing what I'd look like with different hair styles and colors, makeup changes, and even rhinestone-studded crowns. 

Taaz website is completely free and all you have to do is upload a picture and start playing around.  I've done several family members and friends and it's a total hoot seeing what they look like with the changes.  But if you're not interested in seeing multiple photos of me, skip this post.  Or you'll be all like, "Ugh.  Another one of her?" by the end.

This first one is a preset hairstyle that comes with the crown.  Add a nice red lip, and I'm ready for the national stage.  Oh, and in my imaginary "Miss Whoever" beauty pageant, there is no bathing suit competition.  Oh, yeah!
I really kind of like this one.  Long hair (which Ed would love) and great highlights (which I would love).  I feel a little Khloe Kardashian-ish in this picture.

In this one, I gave myself a severe bob and changed my eye color to blue.  It's super cool.  I bought blue contacts once in my twenties and wore them maybe twice  because they felt weird in my eyes.  I really like the way this looks though, so I might just consider trying it again.
I LOVE this haircut and color.  I'm on my way to this length now, so it may be a future option.  And I just had my hair highlighted at the beginning of the month with lots of light, coppery and blondish stuff. Now think I should have gone this color route instead.  Next time.
In this shot, I tried on the Madonna bob.  Very severe, but I really dig the dark color.
These next few are from the Halloween looks section, which have preset templates that already include hair, makeup, accessories.  This first one is call Disco.  I totally love a headscarf - reminds me of my Aunt J, circa 1975.
This one is called Moulin Rouge.  I am lovin' the little top hat.  But more than that, I LOVE the haircolor, LOVE the lip color, and LOVE the eye makeup and lashes.  Please tell me I can get away with this in the truck.
This one is called 60s.  Spiky lashes, messy hair, frosty lip.  Not my favorite, but certainly different.
And this is the Sexy Pirate.  I'm not sure I've ever seen a pirate wearing so much makeup, but if that's how they're doing things on the high seas these days, so be it.
This last one is not a Halloween look, but probably should be.  This is actually a Katy Perry look, crown and all.  I should probably wear a crown just to cement the fact that I'm the Queen of Everything.  Or at least everything in the truck. 
Ed probably knows that already, so I'll just sort of wear it around.  You know, at the fuel island, or in Target....crowns can really go anywhere. 

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Luisa said...

I had to comment on this one... not only do you have great cheek bones, you also need to adopt that crown!

Poor Ed. haha

Now send me those chapters!!!!

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