Monday, November 11, 2013

Reaping The Harvest

Yesterday we were out driving around, looking at houses, running errands and getting the car washed when Ed decided he was suddenly hungry.  It always sort of happens like that.  We can be having a nice conversation, tooling along, when Ed blurts out, mid-sentence, "I gotta eat."

I hear those words and go into panic mode.  I said, "OK, well let me check Urban Spoon, see what's around here."  We've been wanting to try new places.  "Pull in over here so I can see what's in the area." I said.  Knowing that I had to find something quickly because when Ed gets hungry, he must eat immediately.  As in, the absolutely closest place that serves food.

"If I pull into this plaza, we're eating at whatever restaurant is there." he said.  Uh oh.  He must be famished.

"Uh, okay.  I don't know what's in here though, I can check..."

"No.  Whatever's here will be fine." he said.

We wound up at
Harvest - a "a locally owned restaurant dedicated to local purveyors of fresh product".  Hmm.  Sounds good.
The place was beautiful.  We missed the Sunday Brunch crowd, and since most of the other patrons were dining on the patio (too warm and sunny for me), we basically had the restaurant to ourselves.  Can I just point out the lighting fixtures?
Upside down lamps.  How friggin' clever is that?  I love the idea.  I want to duplicate it somewhere.  Although you really need pretty high ceilings so people aren't bonking their heads on lampshades.  But will you just look at these?  Awesome.
The food was pretty awesome too.  I started with a bowl of Baked Seven Onion Soup - house-made stock, crispy crostini & gruyere cheese ($6.75).  I couldn't identify seven different types of onions - are there even seven different types of onions? - but it was delicious.  VERY hot, which is a must for soup, and not salty, which is usually the case with a French Onion soup.

For lunch I had the Braised Short Rib Sandwich - slow-roasted braised short rib, horseradish-Havarti cheese, oven-dried tomatoes, caramelized onions, short rib au jus on an artisan baguette ($9.75).  I chose the house-made cumin parsley fries for my side - thick wedges of potato, delicately seasoned.

Ed had the Cobb Grilled Cheese - all-natural pulled chicken, applewood bacon, locally grown tomato, avocado, hard boiled egg, queso Oaxaca, gorgonzola aioli served on multi-grain bread, toasted ($9.75).  He had sweet potato fries for his side. 

Both sandwiches were delicious but I really liked Ed's.  Each flavor really stood out independently but melded together so perfectly to make an oddly amazing sandwich.  We each had half of each other's sandwich and both commented on how the hard boiled egg, the bacon, the avocado...all stood out.  It was a messy mish-mash of a sandwich but very good.  And the short ribs were delicious too, tender and falling apart, but the Cobb Grilled Cheese was just different.  
We're trying to hit some different restaurants while we're home, instead of going to the same haunts.  This was a great find and after seeing their dinner menu (Gnocchi Chicken Scallopini!), I'm pretty sure we'll be going back. 

And today, for Veteran's Day, we'll be hitting whichever place honors Veterans by offering them a free meal.

That should cover two out of three meals for Ed!

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Belledog said...

Wow, Harvest looks good.

And good catch on the lamps. Inexpensive, whimsical, and it works.