Saturday, February 08, 2014

The Jolly Green Giant Lives In Blue Earth

On our way out of South Dakota we drove through Minnesota. I saw a sign on the highway that indicated a green giant was nearby. I stopped at a rest area, Googled it, and found out that he was at the very next exit. 

We found him standing proudly in a snow covered park.

He's pretty damn big. According to a sign erected in the park, he's 55 1/2 feet tall, made of fiberglass, weighs 8,000 pounds and has a smile that stretches four feet wide. It cost $43,000.00 to manufacture the statue and it's been standing in Blue Earth, Minnesota since 1978.  
I also learned something in the few minutes it took me to Google the Green Giant. These peas - with the French name, in the beautiful silver can - are made by Green Giant. I'll admit I never read the label closely, and I think I only bought them once, but I thought they were some exclusive French peas. What the hell??  I've been snookered!
Now that you've seen him, the only thing left to do is sing his song...

Ho Ho Ho!  Green Giant!

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Anonymous said...

I passed through Blue Earth on my honeymoon in 1970. The Green Giant wasn't there but we got gas for 25 cents!

Gil said...

Nice pictures.