Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Giant Three-Armed Spiny Monster

So, today and yesterday we basically did nothing on the kitchen renovation project.  

We're done with the big stuff and just had a few little things to finish up - lining the cabinets with Con-Tact paper, installing the last of the hardware, applying a second coat underneath the cabinets.

In the process of winding down, a few other things made their way under the paintbrush - the table and chairs set, a wicker end table, a bar stool - I told you my mother can't be trusted around white paint without wanting to apply it to things.

Ed and I are looking for a load out.  I need to get through Nashville to visit my best friend, then I have to make my way to the East Coast to meet up with some blog readers who are visiting the U.S. from Australia!  I'm so excited!

And I slacked off just enough to get outside and take some photos of cactus.


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