Friday, September 12, 2014

Five Guys Fries Cap Off The Week

We've been off for twelve days.

This has been one of our more productive visits home with the completion of the mini-renovation we did on my mother's kitchen.  It's not ready to photograph (although it looks exactly the same) because she's still doing some last minute organizing and has crap all over the counters, but it's done.  And she LOVES it.

Ed also replaced all of the light bulbs inside and outside of the house with energy-saving bulbs.  Have you ever priced energy-saving bulbs?  Get yourself a drink and sit down before you start Googling.  If my step-father was alive and Ed told him he just spent $9.00 on a light bulb, he would have collapsed right there in the middle of the kitchen, dropping to the floor, mouth agape.

Today we went out to do some last minute errands - returned a chandelier we bought because my mother didn't like it, went to Five Guys for lunch (first time we've had it in about four months), I got a haircut, stopped at the pharmacy to get prescriptions for my mother, and then picked up some groceries for the truck - we leave tomorrow.

First we head west and then we steadily cruise east.  My birthday is a little more than a week away and I want to be east of the Mississippi to celebrate.

Time to start making some plans.

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dlg said...

Oh, those look sooooo good and greasy; the best kind.