Monday, September 01, 2014

Imaginative Perspective

When I'm driving, I often "see" faces and animals and objects in trees and bushes and clouds and mountains and fog.  Just today we saw a cactus in New Mexico that looked like a rooster.  

Victor Nunes is a retired art director from Brazil, in his sixties, who opened a Facebook account in 2013 to post sketches he created where everyday objects, and food, were part of the finished product.  His drawings are amazingly creative.  And FUN.  Check out some of his drawings here:

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2013: Somewhere Out West
2012: All You Have To Do Is Feed Them
2011: Homeward Bound!
2010: Foreign Invasion
2009: Downtown Detroit: Occupied And Vacant
2008: Barracks And Decatur
2007: Dicks In Tennessee
2006: Canoe The Blue
2005: Minalicious

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