Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Even The Lure Of A Diamond Can't Get Me Outside

Usually it doesn't matter where we park because we have everything we need right in our truck, but when we're down for a few days I like to know that there's something out there for me to do should I get the urge to go out and shop or eat or wander.

Down in Arkansas, there was nothing.  No restaurants we were interested in, no stores, no attractions. We contemplated going to the Crater of Diamonds State Park to diamond hunt, but I couldn't bear the thought of digging in an open mud field in 100 degree weather.  Even for diamonds.

We needed to go grocery shopping, so we headed to WalMart - not my first choice, but the only other grocery stores in town were discount or no-name and I just don't do those kind of stores.  After that, we drove through town, which took a few minutes, and finally settled on renting a few movies to pass the time for the rest of the day.

Every once in a while I'd get up for a drink, some watermelon, to check the pantry for any miraculous new additions. And I'd look out the kitchen window to see if there was any activity.  There wasn't. The photo above was our view for several days. That truck didn't move. 

So to pass time I binged on HGTV, organized my computer files, and baked cookies.

The diamonds will have to wait.

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Belledog said...

The glamor of life on the road.

At least you had a pastoral view. Kind of.