Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Lure Of Lake Life

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Ed and I have been hanging out now for six days waiting on a load.  We don't mind waiting but we're in a pretty rural area with nothing going on.  We've explored what there is of the town, gone grocery shopping twice, and have watched about ten rented movies.

One of the things we like to do when we're sitting is look at real estate.  All over the country.  In addition to having a place in Arizona, we continue to look for another location to spend part of the year in.  Right now we're on the road all the time, working and spending our down time wherever we happen to be, but eventually we'll be working less and lounging in a place that's mostly likely going to be a second home/vacation home.

We watch endless hours of HGTV, which most recently includes Lakefront Bargain Hunt, and it's opened a whole new search area for us because Ed and I can't decide exactly where we want to be because we have different ideas of what we want.  

Arizona will most likely always be our default home base because my family is there, but I really want something with four seasons and Ed really wants to be able to own a boat and be able to get to the ocean.

Because I don't want to live on the coast, or near the beach, we've started to look at lake property.  It's the perfect compromise.  I'm looking primarily in the Northeast where from Lake Ontario and Lake Erie in New York you can get to the Atlantic through a series of river travel, and from Lake Champlain, both on the New York side and the Vermont side, you can get to the ocean the same way.  

It's a fun search and there are lots of properties to look at.  I'm amazed at what's available.  There's a lot of crap, old stuff, fishing camp type of properties and vintage fixer uppers.  Then there's a middle range, which in a lot of cases seem to have no character.  And then, just for laughs, I've been looking at the million-dollar lakefront property.  Holy crap!  That stuff is GORGEOUS.  I need to win the lottery!

All in all, it's a fun way to pass some time - thankfully we have decent internet in the backwoods of Arkansas - and it really makes one realize how much actual property is available out there.  Overwhelming!  Here are some of the websites I've been using:

Lake House

Lake Homes Realty

United Country Real Estate

Land Watch

Lake Homes USA

Oh!  I've also been watching Living Big Sky, so Montana could be next on my search list!

Damn these TV shows!

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