Tuesday, June 09, 2015

We've Got A $3 Million Dollar View, Too.

Lee Marvin's backyard view.
Although I'm from New York (who doesn't know that by now?), I currently live in Tucson, Arizona.  Lots of famous people were born here, have lived here, or currently still live here.  

From authors Ray Bradbury and Barbara Kingsolver, to native musician Linda Ronstadt, to artist of the American Southwest Ted DeGrazia, to Dr. Andrew Weil, to actors Stephen Baldwin, Greg Kinnear, Barbara Eden, and Garry Shandling.  We even had a mobster, Joseph Bonanno.  You can see a more extensive list of Tucson residents here.  

Tucson sprawls, but it's not really a big place - it takes an hour to get from one side of town to the other - and although I haven't run into any of famous people who live here (with the exception of meeting Josh Brolin, who was filming Young Riders with Stephen Baldwin), because of the size of the area, I haven't lived very far from some of them.

Actor Lee Marvin is one of those people.  I bring him up because I recently read that his house, located at 5055 N. Calle La Vela, in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains, is for sale.  You can see more photos of the house here.  It's in a beautiful area, less than eight miles from our house.  And it's selling for $3.25 million.

I can't tell you how many times I've driven up and down Campbell Avenue, not knowing that Lee Marvin was tucked away in his house, just one street over.  

He's lived in Tucson since the seventies, and from what this article said, would drive an old pickup truck around town and hit the local hardware store to do some shopping.  I didn't move to Tucson until the eighties, and probably wouldn't know Lee Marvin if I fell over him since I wasn't a fan of the movies he was in, but it's still cool to know that a star of his caliber was just walking around like a regular guy.  He died in 1987, and now that I know where he lived, I might just take a swing by next time I'm home to check out his digs.

The thing I did notice from the real estate listing photos, is that his backyard looks at the same mountain we do - the Santa Catalinas.  

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Belledog said...

Love this photo too. Need to make it to Tucson this year or next. Have not been further south than Pima, which is not too far north.

Love the Santa Catalinas view (and your pics of same).

Peace out.